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  1. Do the 1,100 r2s use the same front and rear wheel bearings as the 1,100 troopers?
  2. I'll give them a try. The air filter that came with it is something I have never seen before. Does not look like a typical air filter. I don't understand why the renegade and trooper don't take the same filter
  3. I would like to replace the air filter in my Renegade. Bought a Fram ca-7764 thinking it would work but way to big.
  4. FYI I spoke with Joyner Thursday and they are open in Mesa, AZ. Sounded like a 1 man crew and that they were building them to order. I had a buyer for between 5-10 Renegades but was told right now they were not set up for large orders. Said they had 1 R4 (that they were going to put a new engine in because the one in it now was not running right) and 5-6 R2s.
  5. Because they told me to change the fluids when I took possession of it. I was told that the transmission, differentials, engine and cooling fluid might be questionable. I was also told to change all the hose clamps out with stainless steel clamps so I did that also. Now I can assure you that it has mobile 1 75w-90w gear oil in the transmission and differentials. Mobile 1 10w30 in the engine along with a fram ultra oil filter and prestone antifreeze in the radiator.
  6. Has 10 miles on it. Bugger than I wanted. All fluids have been changed. Arkansas 501-909-2513
  7. It has 10 miles on it. I bought it 1 month ago from Joyner but it is to big for riding in the woods which is what I bought it for. All fluids have been changed. Tires have been filled with Flatout. Has overhead gun rack. Also has a factory roof. It had 5.9 miles on it when it was delivered to me. Nothing wrong with it. Looks brand new Arkansas 501-909-2513 I have $11,000 in it. I'll take that for it.
  8. Dan B, 2 post above yurs the gentleman said there was talk on facebook about it. I'm not on facebook so i have not seen the post just hoping what he heard was right. Like I said above I want my windshield.
  9. AZMT Can you keep an ear open about Joyner re-opening. They owe me a windshield that I bought and paid for 3 weeks ago and have not sent me. Now they are ghosting me. Thanks
  10. I've tried more times than I care to mention. It goes to a cell phone voice mail that is full. I'm trying texting now. Just thought someone might no a salesman are have a secret number to get my windshield that I paid for.
  11. Anyone have a good number for Joyner? Are they still open? I paid for a new windshield from them but when they shipped my Joyner it was not included. They are suppose to be shipping it to me direct but it's been 2 weeks. Thanks
  12. I have gotten all the fluids changed. Thanks for ya'lls help I will keep an eye on this forum for help in the future.

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