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  1. Because they told me to change the fluids when I took possession of it. I was told that the transmission, differentials, engine and cooling fluid might be questionable. I was also told to change all the hose clamps out with stainless steel clamps so I did that also. Now I can assure you that it has mobile 1 75w-90w gear oil in the transmission and differentials. Mobile 1 10w30 in the engine along with a fram ultra oil filter and prestone antifreeze in the radiator.
  2. Has 10 miles on it. Bugger than I wanted. All fluids have been changed. Arkansas 501-909-2513
  3. It has 10 miles on it. I bought it 1 month ago from Joyner but it is to big for riding in the woods which is what I bought it for. All fluids have been changed. Tires have been filled with Flatout. Has overhead gun rack. Also has a factory roof. It had 5.9 miles on it when it was delivered to me. Nothing wrong with it. Looks brand new Arkansas 501-909-2513 I have $11,000 in it. I'll take that for it.
  4. Dan B, 2 post above yurs the gentleman said there was talk on facebook about it. I'm not on facebook so i have not seen the post just hoping what he heard was right. Like I said above I want my windshield.
  5. AZMT Can you keep an ear open about Joyner re-opening. They owe me a windshield that I bought and paid for 3 weeks ago and have not sent me. Now they are ghosting me. Thanks
  6. I've tried more times than I care to mention. It goes to a cell phone voice mail that is full. I'm trying texting now. Just thought someone might no a salesman are have a secret number to get my windshield that I paid for.
  7. Anyone have a good number for Joyner? Are they still open? I paid for a new windshield from them but when they shipped my Joyner it was not included. They are suppose to be shipping it to me direct but it's been 2 weeks. Thanks
  8. I have gotten all the fluids changed. Thanks for ya'lls help I will keep an eye on this forum for help in the future.
  9. I think its a 2018 Joyner Renegade R2. Just got it delivered from Joyner
  10. Just got my new Renegade R2 delivered with 2.6 miles on it and changing all the fluids. They must put everything including the oil filter with an impact. Last thing is taking the the skid plate off to change the transmission fluid. Any suggestions??

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