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New Joyner Trooper - Where Can I Find One??

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Hi, I live in Phoenix & have tried to locate the Joyer USA dealership as I really want to buy a new T4.   The facility is vacant on 18th Place, the phone number goes to a voicemail box that is full.   Are these still being made?   Are they available anywhere else?  I have been looking for a nice 4-seat UTV and these seem cool, but would want to test drive before I commit as I have never seen these in person.  Not a big off road guy, just want something to drive around our lake property in Montana.  If anyone has a nice T4 for sale.....I am ready to buy!  Thanks for the help.

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i think they are gone, their last EPA certification for the T4 was in 2016.

Here are 2020 Google Earth images of their 1650 E Riverview Dr. Ste 110 Phoenix, AZ 85034  location:




Per Import Genius their last shipment T4s from Asia was in February of 2007...JoynerUSA-HQ-03.thumb.jpg.d976743feb967334d23b587d210f0d50.jpg


It appears you may be able to order on from the manufacturer; CHANGZHOU JOYNER RECREATIONAL VEHICLES CO.,LTD. if you are really in to self-abuse...

Joyner appears to be yet another example of a relatively successful ATV dealer who had a delusion of grandeur and launched a corporation to brand and market some attractively priced (for them) import ATV/UTV (probably located on Alibaba) but lacked sufficient resources ro pull it off long term. According to various corporate  records (mostly D&B) I found the  Changzhou Joyner Recreational Vehicle Co. has 50 to 100 employees with annual revenues of $1, 000,00o to $2,600,000--hardly a manufacturing giant.

Hisun USA has revenues of $9.25 M, not Yamaha or Kawasaki class certainly, but a lot more staying power. Chongqing Huansong Industries (Group) Co., Ltd. (Hisun's parent company has 1000+ employees, 9 subsidiaries and makes 70% of their parts (probably better than Ford or GM).

I'd look elsewhere...


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Thanks  for the info, was worried about that.  There is another address listed for 18th Place, but that location is vacant.  I see where I can order them online from other sites (like motobuys.com) where they will ship direct, but would want to buy in person from a dealership instead.   Love the look of these things, different & unique.  Not looking for major performance, just a fun UTV to take the family around the lake shore.  Can anyone tell me how quiet these are on the highway at 50-60 mph?  We have a 2 seat CanAm that sound like it’s about to explode at anything over 30mph, just so much transmission noise.  Was hoping the 5 speed setup would provide something smoother/quieter?    Again, if anyone has a 4 seater to sell I would be interested!

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Love that Jeep, already had one.   Wonder why I ever sold it.......!   Just have to find the smoothest/quietest UTV out there I guess.  Love the looks of the Trooper as I have never seen one before, very unique. 

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Joyner hasn't been at the Riverview location for several years.  If you've done any research then most of what I'm saying here you may already know.  My ride has the same drive train as the Trooper.  They have high reving engines = about 1000 rpms per 10 miles per hr.  At 60 mph the engine will be running at 6000 rpms along with the noise at that level.   The engine is what is called an "over square" engine.  That is to say the bore diameter is larger than the length of the stoke.  They are designed for higher rpms.  These engines are relatively common in South America, parts of Africa and of course Asia.  I've never had my engine over 4000 rpms; I don't drive on high speed streets and highways.  Torque to the drive axles is increased via gearing through the transmission and differentials.   The 800cc version of this Chinese engine is used in the John Deere 825i and one model of the Kawasaki (Japanese) SxS.  Quite a surprise that a Japanese brand would use a Chinese engine.

I bought my ride from a Craigslist add in Whittman AZ.   If you buy a Joyner, expect to do most if not all of your own maintenance and repairs.  There are some parts available on Amazon but expect to order most parts directly from China with long lead times.  Some say Joyners are junk and they may be right on their machine if they actually own one.  I've never had any issues with mine >1700 miles.  Unless you find a dealer locally, I see travel plans in  your future to distant places to find a new Trooper.

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Hi Dan, thanks for that info.  Love the idea of a 5-speed, was hoping for lower rpms/noise while on the highway though.  I read on a Joyner Facebook page that the main Joyner USA dealership is currently relocating to Mesa & is set to be reopened this month.  I sure hope so, really want to see one in person.   Also read that the Trooper T4 will have a new engine package, 1600?   Hopefully  they will have a solid service department at the new Mesa store.   I don't mind small fixes on my own, but it is nice taking the CanAm to the local dealership & never having to worry about parts being available.   

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I'd be really interested in their reopening.  I'll surely let you know as soon as I do.  Where did you hear about the relocation?  I want to track the progress of it.  But I think it will be the same owner.  This would be the 2nd move in about 5 years.  The former location on 18th Pl was up for sale (probably sold).  He couldn't afford the rent on Riverview which prompted his move to 18th Pl.

I like the 5-speed tranny.  The CVT is easier to drive; the 5-speed requires the driver to take a proactive role in managing power to the drive axles.  I like the granny gear (1st gear).

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Dan B,

2 post above yurs the gentleman said there was talk on facebook about it.  I'm not on facebook so i have not seen the post just hoping what he heard was right.  Like I said above I want my windshield.

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The last EPA certification for Joyner USA was in In 2019--they had a model TR1100-T4 made by the  Ruiqing Automotive Engine Technology Co. Ltd. with an engine made by the Beijing BAM Company Ltd. (they also appear to make vehicles and engines for Odes)--but their last shipment to the US was on 8/30/2015; so I would not hold my breath waiting for anything from them.

As far as my web reearch can determine  the Joyners are currently  running a real estate operation in Boca Raton, FL.

Rocket100, if you paid with a credit card I would dispute the charge ASAP...


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On 4/29/2021 at 2:54 PM, rocket100 said:


Can you keep an ear open about Joyner re-opening.  They owe me a windshield that I bought and paid for 3 weeks ago and have not sent me.  Now they are ghosting me.



I saw a FB comment that their new location will be at 1050 West Main in Mesa (Alma School & Main).  From FB comments it doesn't seem like they've completed their relocation yet.  It's 50 miles from me so I won't be making too many trips without knowing if they have what I need in stock.

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