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  1. Hi Dan, thanks for that info. Love the idea of a 5-speed, was hoping for lower rpms/noise while on the highway though. I read on a Joyner Facebook page that the main Joyner USA dealership is currently relocating to Mesa & is set to be reopened this month. I sure hope so, really want to see one in person. Also read that the Trooper T4 will have a new engine package, 1600? Hopefully they will have a solid service department at the new Mesa store. I don't mind small fixes on my own, but it is nice taking the CanAm to the local dealership & never having to worry about parts being
  2. Love that Jeep, already had one. Wonder why I ever sold it.......! Just have to find the smoothest/quietest UTV out there I guess. Love the looks of the Trooper as I have never seen one before, very unique.
  3. Thanks for the info, was worried about that. There is another address listed for 18th Place, but that location is vacant. I see where I can order them online from other sites (like motobuys.com) where they will ship direct, but would want to buy in person from a dealership instead. Love the look of these things, different & unique. Not looking for major performance, just a fun UTV to take the family around the lake shore. Can anyone tell me how quiet these are on the highway at 50-60 mph? We have a 2 seat CanAm that sound like it’s about to explode at anything over 30mph, just so m
  4. Hi, I live in Phoenix & have tried to locate the Joyer USA dealership as I really want to buy a new T4. The facility is vacant on 18th Place, the phone number goes to a voicemail box that is full. Are these still being made? Are they available anywhere else? I have been looking for a nice 4-seat UTV and these seem cool, but would want to test drive before I commit as I have never seen these in person. Not a big off road guy, just want something to drive around our lake property in Montana. If anyone has a nice T4 for sale.....I am ready to buy! Thanks for the help.

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