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  1. Cliff, so glad you are doing well after your surgery.

    I saw your post about your seatbelt eliminator.  Would it be possible for me to obtain one as well?   Please let me know where to send the SASE.  I really appreciate you making these.  It is very much appreciated!  Please let me know how much it would cost so I can send you payment as well.

    Thank you!


  2. I have heard that (Rhino 660 and HS400 parts interchangeability) as well, but not verified--I have also seen it claimed that Hisun made some Rhinos. though the EPA database does not show this. Looking at photos on the web they "look" the same--perhaps Hunterworks can provide some dimensions--you'd have to take yours apart of course, but that will provide you with the info you need to track down potential upgrades. The wet clutch assembly is held together with Cir-clips so you could disassemble it and play with springs ans added weight. I have done this with a Suzuki Burgman 400 and Honda Silve
  3. Their is only one clutch, the centrifugal wet clutch--I do not know if units with other flyweights available--but that's what would be needed to increase it's engagement rate (at the expense of driveability): In the HS series he Primary and Secondary CVT sheaves are not clutches but rather a variator (primary) and torque multiplier (secondary)--most "maxi-scooters" (400+ cc) use this type of CVT . variator: In the variator centrifugal force flings the weights outward trying to force the pulley halves together as speed increases--this increases the effective diameter
  4. The CKP (CranKshaft Position sensor controls when the spark occurs--if it is bad there will be no spark. The black/white wire to the coil is +12V supplied by the ECU, the black/blue wire is the active "drive" signal for the coil--it will be at ground potential when the coil is charging, and floating (disconnected) when the spark occurs. The way it works is that when the ECU grounds the black/blue wire the coil's primary windings are energised and build a magnetic field in the coil's iron core--when the ground to the black/blue wire is disconnected that field collapses generating high vo
  5. As I said it was a bit of a balancing act--please do not mention me specifically if you pursue this...
  6. I had to have it inspected before I could get a title--it was all a bit wobbly...
  7. The Coleman UT400 is a Coleman branded Hisun HS400. I got mine in October of 2020--it now has 720 miles and 52 hours on it, with naught but minor issues, the shift cable adjustment requiring the most attention--but hardly a "major" issue (requiring manipulation of just two 22 mm adjusting nuts). Overall I would judge it to be a well-made and as reliable as this sort of vehicle can/will be. Coleman support has been pretty good in providing manuals, service bulletins. etc. I would avoid Massimo as their level of customer support is what caused Hisunto drop them as a dealer in 2018. Now they
  8. The last EPA certification for Joyner USA was in In 2019--they had a model TR1100-T4 made by the Ruiqing Automotive Engine Technology Co. Ltd. with an engine made by the Beijing BAM Company Ltd. (they also appear to make vehicles and engines for Odes)--but their last shipment to the US was on 8/30/2015; so I would not hold my breath waiting for anything from them. As far as my web reearch can determine the Joyners are currently running a real estate operation in Boca Raton, FL. Rocket100, if you paid with a credit card I would dispute the charge ASAP...
  9. Hello all, Curious as to other's experience with tire wear and life. The OEM "UTV" tractor tires on my 2020 Hisun HS400 have shed 1/8"+ of tread in just 720 miles. They are Wanda brand, 25x10-12 in the back and 25x8-12 up front. Looked like this new: Like this now w/720 miles: I had not expected 10k miles, however at this rate I'll be lucky to get 2500. I bought a set of Maxxis tires (same sizes) with wheels for $200, OEM take-offs from a new Honda ATV--so they will be a "bolt-on" replacement when the time comes--What experience are others having with
  10. You need to check the fuel pressure in addition to compression and spark--it should be 31 to 39 psi while cranking the engine ...
  11. That is perplexing--Check the spark and compression. Is there a smell of gas in the cylinder? I have seen "no-start" EFI systems where the fuel just ran down the cylinder wall and into the crankcase--does the oil smell of gas?
  12. I was incorrect, it is M20 x 1.5 see my post above...

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