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  1. Finally spoke to the rep and there is an relay for the fuel pump, it's just not under the hood with the rest. It's sitting just above the fuel tank with an plug attached to it, all covered by a rubber housing. I pulled the plug out and it was corroded. New one is on the way, I'll update when it gets here.
  2. Finally got around to messing with it. Pulled the hose and cranked it to see if fuel would spray out and it did not. Assumed it was the pump so I replaced it and now the second pump isn't spraying either. I could hear it priming when you turned on the key when I first got the machine, nothing out of either pump now. Guess it's a power issue. I've already looked at the fuses and the relays. Any suggestions on where to look next? I tried jumping the fuel pump ground to the frame with no luck. I have a call in to Massimo tech support, he thinks it's a relay but unsure of which one
  3. I have 2020 T-Boss that's been pretty rock solid up until now. I haven't driven it in a few weeks so I went out to start it and it wouldn't start initially. After about the tenth try, it cranked and ran perfect. After shutting it down for a few minutes, it wouldn't start again. I started thinking maybe it was the injector but that didn't make sense. Then someone mentioned listening for the fuel pump to prime with the engine off but the key on. After about the tenth try, the pump would prime and engine would start. Sounds more like a bad connection somewhere than a bad pump rig
  4. Rustynutzz


  5. I was wondering if anyone has plated one of these machines in any state. I'm in FL and am going to try to plate my T-Boss 550x Golf. Talked to a State Trooper who said it's absolutely plateable the way it sits and also talked to my insurance company and they said the same. I'm not sure what they will consider this type of machine, a golf cart or low speed vehicle. Their are different stipulations for both. I'll keep this thread updated once I get an inspection.
  6. No problem. I assumed all T-Boss's had the same filter.
  7. No paper on the 550. Weird that the buck and T-Boss 410 have that style filter and the 550 has the foam. Maybe the foam is considered the better way to go since it's washable/reusable? Dunno, just riffing.
  8. Certainly with you on the air filter oil, that's a must in the dusty conditions I ride in. I'm wondering if they're are any other options out there that may improve flow.
  9. Has anyone found an aftermarket air filter upgrade such as K&N, or the like, that'll fit the T-Boss? This is the one that came stock in mine. I'd like something a little better.
  10. Installed my Christmas presents yesterday (light bar and underglow kit). Loving this machine! Underglow kit https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B08DFMHFVX/ref=ppx_yo_mob_b_track_package_o0_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Light bar 210w combo https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01N5MNQED?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title&th=1
  11. This is what I'll do when mine goes. I'll have it rebuilt locally with quality parts.
  12. Mine wasn't quite so hard to start, but there seemed to be a dead spot on my starter until I did my after break in service. I swear it starts easier now with Lucas ATV oil, but it just may be me.
  13. I hope so too. I keep a close eye on the temp, now I just have to train my wife to do the same. I'm glad you mentioned the Castrol. I'll take a look locally to see if they have it. Always nice to just be able to go grab what you need instead of waiting for it to be shipped. I installed the underglow kit and curved light bar today. Here's a couple of pics of how they turned out. I'll get wider shots later. Merry Christmas to you too! Underglow kit https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B08DFMHFVX?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title Light Bar 210w combo is the o
  14. Thanks for the reply. It does have a wet clutch. I researched Rotella a ton. From what I gather, the old white bottle Rotella was ok for wet clutches but the newer stuff T5 and T6 supposedly have friction modifiers that cause the clutch to slip. Lucas atv oil fits the bill except that it's 10w40 and not 15w40. I spoke with the techs at Massimo and the said they don't see a problem with it as long as it's a quality oil and JASO MA rated.
  15. Greetings all! Purchased a 2021 T-Boss X-Golf 550 about three weeks ago and am having a blast with this thing! It's a very capable and well built machine. I've put 30 hours and 400 miles on it so far. I've really put it through its paces too. Been tearing around the sand dunes, climbing very considerable hills with no problem, tore through some light mud and even hauled around a couple adults around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights! Did my after break-in service and am using Lucas oil for oil changes and differential changes. The manual calls for 15w40 but cou

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