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Ignition stuck on, now problems and codes. (Fixed)


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Went trail riding Monday evening.  Came home and rinsed the machine, started it up and drove around back to put it away.  Noticed a weird sound but dismissed it.  When I turned it off, I noticed the key clicked one too many times.  So the key was stuck on for about 3 minutes.  Went to start it up Wednesday and it wouldn't crank.  It would catch for a second or two and shut right off.

1. Checked fuel (plenty)

2. Fuel flow, injector was not pulsing fuel (replaced, still not pulsing but once)

3. Codes thrown are 0031 (02s heater circuit high voltage) 0351 (cylinder 1 ignition coil malfunction) 0201 (injector 1 circuit malfunction)


How can that many things go wrong at once?  Why would it throw an Injector fault when I replaced it and confirmed it working?  Wonder if something else is wrong that those things plug into?  Any help would be appreciated.

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Started focusing on the 02 sensor since I pulled the codes and one of them points to an error.  Also looked at this diagram and thought maybe all the codes start at a bad 02 sensor which control the injector and ignition coils.  Anyways, pulled the sensor out of the exgy but left it hooked up, hit it with a screwdriver and left it sitting on the tire.  Fired right up and held idle for a few minutes.  I'm happy with a little progress.  I ordered a new one, will replace and report back.


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