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Bad bearing on a 2019 T-Boss 550 Golf, how to attack? **Update**

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After a Christmas parade where I did some sustained high speed driving I heard some metal scraping sound.  I thought it was the engine brake at first but after putting it up on jack stands and listening where the sound came from it certainly is the rear shaft area.  I'm wondering what has to come off to gain access to the area.  Since I have the rear seat version i'm certain the seat has to come off.  Definitely can't do it from the bottom, too many crossmembers in the way.  Anyone had to replace one?  Here's a pic of the one I believe it is.  It bound up to the point where it won't move after pulling it off the trailer in two wheel or four wheel drive.




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  • Rustynutzz changed the title to Bad bearing on a 2019 T-Boss 550 Golf, how to attack? **Update**

Wasn't the drive line after all.  It was the CVT cover bearing.  After tearing in to the front and rear drive lines (sounded like the scraping was coming from here) and finding no problems I finally isolated the problem in the transmission.  Got the parts today and will put them in tomorrow.  I'll attach a picture of what bearing I'm talking about.


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