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2018 Hisun Sector Crew 1000 engine die after about 15 minutes run

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My 2018 Hisun sector crew engine cut off after about 15 minutes run. There is no indicator of what is wrong, no error code just die and won't restart until it cool down. I notice that the fan is not running but the temp indicator is on low temp, no overheat indicator. I checked the radiator fluid, it is cool to touch.

Cooling fans are working, I can hear it running once awhile if I can get the engine warm up enough.  Thank you for all the help.



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On 3/11/2024 at 10:16 AM, Hugh said:

I have a AXIS that started to do the same thing after 100 hours (brand new). I use premium Ethanol Free fuel. It would die after 15 minutes and wouldn't start until it cooled off. I changed Fuel filter first and it wouldn't start at all after that. I changed spark plug after that and still will not start. Very frustrating. I'm in line to take it to have it serviced but this is frustrating with only 100 miles on it.


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Quick update on the issue and resolution.

I went ahead and replace the crankcase sensor along with both of the ignition coils. We took the UTV out for about an hour over the weekend without any stall. So I think the problem is fixed. 

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I wasn't able to verified for spark but it acted the same way. I read on car forum about the crank position sensor causing the same issue as what I seen on my UTV. Since the part is not that expensive and difficult to get to, I went ahead and replace them anyway. Once that replaced, everything work fine and the engine seem to be a little more responsive and less noisy as well. We took it out a few more times for couple trips over an hour ride at the time. No problem so far.

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Follow up on my issue. I took it to a HISUN certified repair shop and it took these guys 3-4 hours of troubleshooting to figure out what was wrong because it was sporadic (I get it...if you can't get consistency with the issue and  recreate it, it is hard to diagnose). The issue with mine was an obvious QA issue from the manufacture (I only have 100 miles on it). The plug for the fuel injector power was not plugged in all the way so sometimes it worked and other times it didn't.

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