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Massimo Buck Check Engine Light

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Check the connection from the oil sending unit to see if it has a good connection and also check the ground.  If it happened just after an oil change make sure that you have the correct amount of oil in the crankcase, also sometimes the low oil sending unit has to have some time to refill after a oil change.

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2 hours ago, U.P.Dan said:

My buck 450 is running good, however I now have the check engine light....code is 0850. Where can I find out what it is? Thanks, Dan

Welcome to the forum U.P. Dan, sorry, but I can't easily answer your question. 

I suggest that you start a new thread, you'll get more exposure, and that should make it easier to get a faster response from someone who can answer your question. 

Good luck!

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On 7/12/2022 at 10:34 PM, Michelle Holmes said:

Massimo sent me a new throttle assembly, injector and still has no power.  I’m getting very frustrated, wish I never bought.  Nobody in San Antonio Texas will touch it

Welcome to the very large  world of dis-satisfied Massimo owners.. I bought mine in 2017 . it broke on the first day.. To date, Massimo has never paid one dime for the many many repairs it needed.. only one shop will touch them in my state.. CASH ONLY up front!   Good luck........... BTW.. is that a Lhasa Apso in your pic?  looks just like mine that passed at 14 yrs old .. Loved that dog

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