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  1. Previous owner ran into something that bent the frame on the driver's side. Should we try to bend it back straight? I don't think a windshield will fit right if it stays bent.
  2. We just bought a used 2017 American Landmaster TW450 with a Kohler motor. It's got a great set of headlights! It's our first UTV! We couldn't be happier... We live in Vivian, Louisiana 71082.
  3. We just bought a used 2017 American Landmaster TW450. No hour meter that I can find, so not sure exactly how much it has been used. The first 2 days we had it, the starter was a little sketchy, but it started after 2-3 tries. Sometimes when turning the key, we would hear a loud metal "clink" sound. Like the starter made contact, but didn't have enough power to turn. THIS MORNING... Turning the key, we hear a single click sound. That's it. Even with a new battery, the starter is still doing the same thing. Both batteries (old and new) were reading 12.8 volts on volt meter. So I'm wondering what else could be going on? Any ideas on what to look for would be greatly appreciated... Thank you!

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