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  1. You're on the right track, the higher notch on the shocks is recommended to give higher clearance in bad terrain. If you don't need all the clearance you can get, lowering will give you a softer ride on more even terrain. Right now mine are cranked all the way up because my last trail ride included a lot of rock crawling. I actually need to lower them now.
  2. The tread on the ITP and Carlisle tires on that list look just like the tires I had on my golf cart. Never took it mudding, but those tires worked well even when it got a little sloppy.
  3. There are mixed reviews on both those models and a couple owners on here that are well versed on each of them and I'm sure they will chime in with their experiences. If you look at the 410, check to see which engine it has. I would not buy one unless it has the Linhai engine. Another option would be to look around the used market. A Rhino might be a little over the width you are looking for, but they can be found at and below your range. I know around here they went fast though when they were listed.
  4. Hilarious! Another bonus I found with the anchors I installed was the cargo net from my old atv rack now works over my dump bed.
  5. What does it look like when the fuel comes out? Is it streams or a mist? If streams the injector is bad. This may help as well:
  6. If your Wildcat has reverse lights in the tail lights, you can tap into that line with the led harness (no switch needed). The vid is for a van, but same concept.
  7. Thanks for the heads up - had looked at soft/hard cabs and those prices.
  8. What I purchased was actually for my bow. Mounted one of their clamps off of the crossbar that the headrests attach to and then the bottom cam of the bow fits into my console. With my bowsling on it, it works great. I actually bought one of these for guns, used it this weekend for my shotgun. Would have preferred the overhead setup but my roofline doesn't allow for it. https://brickseek.com/walmart-inventory-checker?sku=16777847
  9. Mine will be really easy, I called them with the part numbers I needed (they are all on their website) and gave them the center-to-center spacing on the bracket I needed to bolt directly to my frame. They custom made the bracket for me. This did take a bit longer, but well worth it .
  10. At least you will be able to find ammo for that one!
  11. Definitely notice the width difference. Did you have to remove the side rock guards for clearance or did yours not have them? Like the light bar too - just finished putting an extra set of led cubes I had sitting around on mine last night.
  12. That's what I was thinking too, but wondered why RK would have one that old (2016) sitting around?
  13. Have one coming from this company, just a different type mount. They make overhead, behind cab and bed mounts as well. https://www.suregripracks.com/product/6000-polaris/
  14. Looked at those as I have a dealer close to work. Was leaning towards buying but my other half didn't like the way they looked. As far as the windshield goes, would definitely choose the split option. Can raise the top section for some airflow on hot days or leave down when cold or raining. I also remove the top section only on mine when trailering.
  15. Anchors arrived today and they fit perfectly on my T Boss 550. (These are the ones sold for the Ranger and General)

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