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  1. That price sounds good compared to what used rides were going for around here, especially if well cared for. There are a ton of aftermarket accessories available for Polaris UTV's, haven't looked for hard glass but plenty of isinglass rear windows and plexi fronts. A quick search Amazon or ebay and you'll see plenty of choices.
  2. View File TBoss 550 Service Manual Service manual for TBoss 550 Submitter TapBoss Submitted 06/29/2021 Category Massimo  
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    Service manual for TBoss 550
  4. A little bigger, mine was under the front hood close to the steering column (and even labelled backup beeper).
  5. It will be a smallish black cube, maybe 2"x1". Wrap it in electrical tape and you're set. Not sure where yours is located, but not hard to find when it's going off. Start it up, put it in reverse and engage the parking brake. Should be able to locate in a few seconds.
  6. Would definitely check all fluid levels and make sure the fan (if your model has one) is kicking on.
  7. Low speeds (10-ish) and when plowing, pulling and getting out of the thick stuff or steep terrain.
  8. Have you checked the differential fluid level? And was it ever changed after the break-in period? Off the showroom floor, the levels were low on mine.
  9. At least it was a simple fix! And a reminder to check fluids regularly, which if it's like mine is a PITA to do so easily put off.
  10. Check the air intake, if it was already dirty and then got wet it could be clogged.
  11. I bought these for my SxS https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K3QD3JL?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details and attach the soft straps as low as possible. This video explains it well
  12. Stock tires wear quickly on pavement, so if the owner did alot of that type of driving they would change over to radials which last longer. Since you posted the hrs/mileage ave, it's not like they were out street racing, but that's another clue that it was ridden on fairly even terrain and possibly roads. I would consider this a good thing as far as shocks and joints go but would check brakes and tranny. As for tires, that close-up pic made it look like the tread was maybe half gone?
  13. That wiring harness would probably be easier to deal with🙄
  14. The Artic Cat section may have been a better spot, but price-wise this appears to be a good deal. 2014 models are going for $10,000 and '16 for $12,000. Are those radial tires? If they are, a majority of those hrs/miles were most likely on pavement.

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