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  1. Would be nice if it had a hydraulic dump body!
  2. Check out the new 2020 Can-Am Defender 6x6 Intro Video below!
  3. Is anyone watching Destination Polaris on Amazon Prime Video? Season 1-3 included with Prime From sand dunes to mountain peaks, canyon rides to mud pits, Destination Polaris is your authority for all terrain travel. Join hosts, Jared Christie and Lindsey Hayes as they uncover the world's top riding destinations. Plus, Project 'X' turns an everyday machine into the the biggest, baddest, UTV vehicles on the market
  4. Great pic! Happy Independence Day!
  5. @Old Outlaw Both your topics have been merged since they are identical.
  6. You only have 2 posts under this username, so that's just the ranking name until you get more posts.
  7. Not sure if you have this but the service manual is available here; https://support.countrycat.com/posts/2799423-2012-wildcat-service-manual
  8. Great info @TomWA , topic moved to Cub Cadet forum.
  9. Welcome @Robynne Catheron , topic moved to Cub Cadet forum.
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