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Bennche UTV SxS Forum

This is for all of you Bennche UTV, SxS (Side by Side) owners. Discussions about Bennche UTV specific topics including Bighorn, Tac, X2, and X5 models.

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    • good stuff, thanks for doing this!    
    • 1. Yep they're known for this, the plow mentioned won't help with keeping the wet clutch plates alive. 2. I would check the compression and go from there. I haven't heard of a lot of ring failures. There are complete head assemblies as well as cylinders available for very reasonable prices. The recomendation is to go high on the oil. Motorcycle doctor sells an extended dipstick and tube for all models except the 400. The claim is that Hisun changed the dipstick shorter somewhere along the way and more oil helps prolong wet clutch life. 2.5. Every wet clutch motorcycle/atv/sxs I'm aware of shares engine and transmission oil. Make sure you use MA2 wet clutch oil. 3. Toe is the only adjustment unless you want to do the old shade tree method of bending parts to adjust caster and camber. I doubt most power sports shops have alignment tools anyway. 4. Not sure off the top of my head. There are user & service manuals available in the "downloads" section. The user manuals describe the clock adjustments.   I think I covered most of your questions.
    • Thanks for the information.  Once I get it all pressure washed tomorrow, I'll get busy with my grease gun! Dan
    • Looks like a mean machine. Good luck with it. 
    • Thanks for recommendations.  I ended up buying a "Polaris" brand plow from the dealer.  It was fairly easy to assemble and attach, taking about 90 minutes. 
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