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  1. Paul Mckay

    Paul Mckay

  2. Anyone had any good luck with a good place to order parts for these machines? Spent the day surfing the net and have found ‘reputable’ businesses with as much as 50% difference in price and that isn't including anything direct shipped from china. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. When i first got it. I had to adjust the shift rod because of that. Didnt have much issue after that. Then it started back again. Tried to adjust it again with no improvement. Now it will rarely stay in reverse at any time. No matter how Much i adjust the linkage Think something internal is broken now.
  4. Checked cable and shifter linkage. All looks good. No slack or slop. When put in reverse you can hear something internal on the gear case grind the kick out reverse. Has anyone else had this issue and no what parts usually cause this?

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