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  1. Custom, wow. So the mount you chose installed well and is working well? Do the guns ride without movement?
  2. Let us know how both of these mounts install (easy/hard) and let us know how you like them. Thanks.
  3. Yes, I did exactly what you did. It worked fine and next time should take under 30 minutes. And yes, next time it is time to pull the drain plug.
  4. MitchSpence


  5. Thanks, Verno. Prior to your post, I had looked under there, but apparently did not see these openings. I do now. This will save me much time, skinned knuckles and bad language. Be safe. Mitch
  6. I have a Massimo Buck 400. I want to change the engine oil. I know this is a "duh" question, but to do that I need to take the heavy plastic cover off that is mounted under the frame. Then find the drain plug which I assume is in the front of the vehicle. Did I get this right or can you guide me further?? 🤠 Many thanks. Mitch
  7. Need manual for Massimo 400 Buck.   [email protected]

    How do I donate at your website?





  8. I want to get at the air filter and check for dust, etc. I have a 2020 Massimo 400 Buck. The manual says to lift the cargo bed. Okay, then pop the "clips" on the air filter "box." Well, I don't see any clips on the box, only about ten screws holding the box-top down. Did I miss something? This should not be hard to get to. (Ha!) Please help.
  9. Hey, we're almost neighbors. I am near Emory, TX Anyway, this is some sort of fuel system glitch. Apparently, whatever controls the idle at cold temps is not unloading properly. It was fine for the first 40 miles. The factory people were of no help.
  10. My Massimo 400 Buck jerks and surges in reverse when cold. Help! Only 60 miles on it.

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