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This is for all of you Cub Cadet UTV, SxS (Side by Side) owners. Discussions about Cub Cadet UTV specific topics including Challenger and Volunteer models.

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    • I've noticed the  Massimo MSU-500, The Cub Cadet Challenger 500 (550?) and the Benneche Bighorn 500 all look the same?  Does one company make them and they just put their name on them?        
    • I'm not trying to ring every ounce of speed out of the little 250.  If that was the case, I'd start by losing some weight, lol.

      It's that electronic cut-out / stutter that drives me crazy.  If it only went 30mph, but sounded like it was running right, I probably wouldn't even bother.
      It might be a different story if I line up against someone in a different Sector 250 and they dust me, but that won't happen, I don't think.
    • Here are a couple of pics of our new Trailer Hitch for the Sector 250.  And no, it doesnt hit the chain when the unit is compressed lol. It bolts on, is powder coated and attaches to the units frame. It has a standard small 1 1/4 inch receiver.
    • The only real difference is the plastic. Otherwise the vehicle is pretty much the same. The engine, suspension, electronics and all are all the same as the Strike 250. The only difference is the shift linkage, and the rear body. Even the OEM service manual is not 100% accurate either, so if you have any questions, please feel free to just ask and I will do my best.
    • Don't forget about the new exhaust pipe