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Cub Cadet UTV SxS Forum

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This is for all of you Cub Cadet UTV, SxS (Side by Side) owners. Discussions about Cub Cadet UTV specific topics including Challenger and Volunteer models.

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    • The credit card thing might have been a coincidence, I also understand that. We need a dipstick and brake pads, including the emergency brake. 
    • I've ordered a lot of stuff from Joyner and never had a problem with my credit card or getting parts in a timely manner.
    • I understand, never had a problem with joyner usa.  I would give them another try. What parts are you looking for??????
    • Anyone having any problems with the cub cadet 750. Is it a good ride
    • Hi everyone, Been driving my Massimo since January. Really pretty satisfied with it. I have done 1 oil change on it and have now over 1700 miles on it. I have one leaking seal on the axle at the diff, but that is pretty much it. I do have a curious thing that happens occasionally. When turning or coming in or off a trail at a pretty severe side angle, I get an occasional snapping sound. This sound is pretty loud  and can be felt in the footwell area. It doesn't seem to really affect anthing and there is no obvious or easily seen area where some kind of movement is happening. I'm wondering if the leaking diff seal is related to this popping sound. Could the axle be pulling out of the diff? Thanks for any help Mark