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  1. No it constantly burns oil so it maybe overfilled momentarily. it just is that i did't see a direct hole inside the airbox to the drain tube and I wondered whether there was something weird with an extra compartment in the floor of the air box. But now that I think about it, it doesn't make sense. Sometimes a person needs to think out loud. I'll keeping an eye on it. Thanks P.S. if the oil level is maintained correctly is the oil/air separator necessary?
  2. I have oil dripping off the the tube that drains the air box. I have checked the inside of the air box on a few occasions and there is never any fresh oil. So I don't know if the oil is there from any previous leaks/spills or if there is sometime i am missing. Also it is missing the oil/air separator but I checked the end of the crankcase breather tube and it is dry, even when running. Any help appreciated Lucas
  3. We just got a used Hisun utv which burns oil like crazy and needs a diff seal. I'm having a hard time finding parts so far so I was wondering whether two models were the same. Our model is Supermach 700U 2008. Many times the Hisun HS700 shows up when looking for parts. So are the parts between these two models the same? Are the essentially same with different stickers on it? Thanks Lucas

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