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  1. TomWA


    I bought the enclosure from cubcadet.com $875.
  2. TomWA


    Open Trail by Kfi is plow.
  3. Several are found on Amazon as hitch extenders. I drilled a hole on the other side to accommodate the position of the hole needed.
  4. I found a hitch extender online with a vertical pin. See below. It could be cut shorter, but I needed one to extend past the bed.
  5. TomWA


  6. 2016 Cub Cadet Challenger 700 has a hitch receiver that requires a vertical pin as opposed to a horizontal pin to attach hitches. I'm looking for an 18" hitch entender that will attach using a vertical pin and then accept a horizontal pin for a trailer hitch. I've looked everywhere. Any ideas on where to find one? TIA
  7. There is a RECALL on certain Cub Cadet Challengers regarding brake failure causing crashes. After having lost 4 days from my 700 being returned to the dealer, turns out the problem was merely air in the brake lines which I could have bled myself.
  8. Thanks for the welcomes from Texas!

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