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2016 Challenger 700


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    • By mcraigchr
      I realize that many of you do not have diesel machines.  For those that do, this is for you:
      Just wanted to post my experience this past week.  Here in Texas, we had pretty good dip in temps.  For 4 days it did not get above 25.  At night, it was single digits or close to it.  I always put Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer in the storage tank (30 gallon).  And up until this tank I was using Power Service (white bottle) for anti-gel.  Never had an issue.
      This tank, however, I switched to Stabil All season (anti gel).  It is supposed to good down to -40.  Zap.  That is a big fat lie.  I put in twice the amount called for in the instructions.  Result was less than optimal.  I drove the SxS 100 feet (to go get the mail) and it died.  I looked at the fuel bowl and it was a cloudy, wax substance.  So, the Stabil did not work.  That said, I'm not sure that I ever tested the Power Service in the same manner.  So I am not saying that one is better than the other.
      What are your experiences?  Are these products inferior?  What do you folks in the northern states / Canada use?  Am I missing something?
    • By Spring Brake Thingy
      Would like to let everybody with the 23' Z Force units know that Spring Brake Thingy now has a parking brake available for these units. Pretty easy install, the brake pedal does need to come off for a couple holes to be drilled, but that's not all that difficult. 
      These are all made here in the states, like all of our other models. 
      see it at:
      Mods: if we need to do something as a vendor please let me know, couldn't find any info and don't want to brake any rules......
    • By Rob DeVido
      So my Coleman since the day we got it has this annoying squeaking sound when moving along slowly ,  its sounds like it 's in the front and the back, but not sure if its just the sound carry along the botton. If you apply the breaks  it gets louder, go up to speed and the noise goes away. It sounds like the breaks , but I can't see anything., its metal on metal sound, I'm  just clueless as to what or where. Has anyone else had this issue?  if so do you have a fix. If not does anyone now what it is?  I'm trying to load a video, if successful , you can hear the sound, along with my comment that's it the breaks, but I really have no idea, The important thing is you'll be able to hear the sound , I would appreciate any advice or guidance on the fix.  Thanks
    • By Hisun .500
      So my hisun 500 is tore up and all the wiring is wasted i was wondering can i pull out all the wiring and just put in the. Basics .please help
    • By Kevin M
      Hello all. I am new to this forum and new to SxS in general. I recently purchased an 16 Odes Dom 800 with the issue of a prominent knocking noise at idle and it’s very jerky in forward and reverse gears. It does not sound like an engine knock. I bought it cheap knowing about this problem with hopes of it being a cheap and fairly easy fix that I can do myself. Would a bad belt be the cause this symptom? I’m looking for a starting point to begin diagnosing and fixing the problem. I recorded a video of it but am not sure if I can post it on the forum. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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