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Wiring harness is a mess has anyone ever tore it all out and only put in the basics. Power ,ignition ,starter, stator and regulator

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Might get better responses in the hisun forum.

Presumably this is an EFI model. If so they need all the wiring. Replacement harnesses are available for a responsible cost ($150ish) for most hisun models. If it's EFI it needs all that stuff to function without throwing codes and going into limp mode. There's a good description on the various hisun repair manuals (download section) towards the back explaining how the Delphi EFI system ties all the inputs and outputs together and what each piece does.

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That is how I look at a lot of THINGS I could make. Figure in material, and my time building it vs. just buying and installing or having it installed.

Now if I'm doing it for enjoyment/relaxation/satisfaction of working on stuff that is different.

But I usually only have the weekends to piddle on stuff. No evenings. 

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