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  1. Have trouble with that factory filter (removal)? That was the most I have ever cussed in that short of a time period. Talk about a goat rope. I *hate* working on my 550. It is my punishment for being an a**hole when I was younger. lol. Motorcycledoctor.com is where I get my filter. Also can get from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N2UIZT6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Craig C.
  2. Ok, got the front diff done (Valvoline Dexron III / Mercon (Blue Bottle)). Rear diff Mobil 1 75w-90 synthetic GL-5. Nobody in 100 mile radius sells hypoid anything. Hoping this will work ok? Most concerning ... 66 hours. I went ahead and changed the oil for the 2nd time. I changed it at 39 hours the first time. Mobil 1 10w-40 4T. With only 27 hours, that sh*t was nasty. I could not believe how blackish gray it was and gritty. Is this what y'all are seeing? Not sure this is the mark of a good running engine? I sent a sample to the lab (Blackstone Labs). Not sure I want
  3. Wondering what gun mount you suggest using. Was looking at this one: https://www.sidebysidestuff.com/quick-draw-sportsman-rack-by-great-day-inc.html Specifically, is a special mounting bracket require on the Coleman 550? Thanks, Craig C.
  4. Great information. Thanks so much. Craig C.
  5. Howdy y'all, I have the service manual, but it leaves me with questions. 1) It is time to change the diff fluid. The service manual says 80w-90 for the rear and Dextron 3 ATF for the front! Is that correct? That seems odd to me. 2) The service manual also speaks of the need to change the transmission fluid but gives no detail about it. What needs to happen here? 3). The service manual also discusses changing the final drive fluid with 80-90 Hypoid. Is the final drive actually the tranny? Any details about the changing of the fluid or what fluid to use ... or even
  6. mcraigchr


  7. I purchased my 550 from Tractor Supply in November 2019. I have 52 hours on it now. You commented on my oil changing shenanigans I noticed. Other than purchasing the jaw style style filter wrench and using Mobil 1 10w-40 4t (2.5 qts), my other suggestion would be alter your maintenance schedule from what the manual states. When I changed the factory oil at ~33 hours, it was opaque turd colored and had gritty particulate in it. Not good. I know some of that is expected during break in, but it was way nastier than any other break in oil I have changed on other units I own. The manua
  8. I don't have any issues with sputtering, fortunately. 48 hours on the clock. I do run premium fuel with Stabil. I will put some Seafoam through it soon. If you haven't changed your oil for the first time yet, it's a real treat. Best of luck. CC
  9. Great idea! I have to pull my p-brake pedal manually. Hasn't sprung back correctly since a month after I purchased it. I will try this! CC
  10. Not quite as humid in my area of the state. But certainly enjoying the reduced temps. Was in the 40's here this morning! CC
  11. I got the "jaw" style filter wrench from Advance Auto Parts. https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/lisle-import-car-oil-filter-wrench-63600/25981259-P?searchTerm=filter wrench I added 2.5 quarts (over filled per suggestions I had read) of Mobil 1 10w-40 4T. The shifter is 1000% smoother. I have the owner's manual. A service manual is proving difficult to find. CC
  12. UPDATE #2: Last ditch effort. Bought the following. It worked. The filter was extremely tight, but this and a long torque wrench (and extensions) got it loose. Oil is changed and shifting is much smoother.
  13. UPDATE: Broke the strap on the strap wrench trying to remove the filter. The other item that I listed above will not fit over the end of the filter. Just a bit too small. There is not enough room to drive a screw driver through the filter and have any travel to be able to loosen it. The seat pan is in the way and simply removing the seat pan on this model does not seem to be an option without removing large portions of the body. I think I am at the point where I need to find certified service center somewhere in central Texas. Unless someone has another suggestion? CC
  14. Howdy all, I searched the forum (and the internet in general) for this and didn't find anything that looked like an answer. I purchased a Coleman 550 from Tractor Supply last October. Runs well. Really only one issue that I have had and that is a dragging brake pad. Still haven't fixed it, but hope to soon. For now, it is time for the first oil change (38 hours). After some reading, I decided to use Mobil 1 4T 10w-40. I also purchased a filter from motorcyledoctor.com. Got the filter and noticed that there is a hex head on the end. I thought "Hey that's nifty, but I wonde

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