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  1. I went through the process and tried it the Coleman way , and while it was better , it skipped out a couple of times . So I was thinking about what Cliff did and I went at that way , the linkage was off, okay that explains the problem, so I adjusted it again and it was waaay better , a little tweak and problem gone , she runs great again!! Thanks for all the great detail you provided Cliff ! Couldn’t of done it without it .
  2. mmmm...thanks Cliff, I'll be attempting this tomorrow...hope it solves my issue. I sometimes have it happening in forward and reverse, but mainly reverse. I'll give Coleman's instruction a try first, if that fails I'll try your way, either way I hope if fixes the issue....fingers crossed . Thanks for the update!
  3. Okay let’s hope it fixes the issue , will you let me know?
  4. This is great info Cliff! could this be my problem? Just recently the Coleman 400 has been acting up. ( I should also point out it has only 13 hrs on it only ) it slips out of gear when starting out. Its worse when trying to go in reverse, there is a clunk and you heard it spin, its like it almost goes into gear then kicks out. It seems to be less of an issue in 2wd and worse in 4wd, and if the machine is under a load ....ex. in snow 4wd , it feels like it kicks out of gear and nothing happens. I changed out the gear oil, which was low ( from the factory) and while it seems to be happier w
  5. Thanks for the replies, I’m finding out its okay to go with GL-5 in both places, GL-5 is the new tech and can be used in place of GL-4. You cant however use the GL-4 in place of GL-5.
  6. Hi all! glad to be here! I'm new to the world of UTV's ,side by side's what ever the right term to use is.LOL I have a Coleman 400UTV-5 and the family and I love it so far. I have lots to learn about it regarding maintenance and use, so get use to possibly getting a lot of questions. I'll try my best to limit them and some may be even silly/stupid questions and I'll apoligize now in advance and ask for your patience and a little tolerance. I have posted a question regarding gear oil , thats has been frustrating to find, so I appreciate any help there. So for now thanks for letting me in,
  7. Hi all! My name is Rob and I'm new the the UTV world. I'm Glad to be here and learn from the experts here on the forum. I have a frustrating question to ask the experienced members on here regarding the gear oil for my Coleman 400. The manual recommends for the final drive SAE 80 API GL-4 Hypoid gear oil and for the Diff SAE 80 API GL-5 Hypoid gear oil. I can't find this stuff anywhere( I'm in Calgary by the way) ..especially the GL-4 stuff. If I find something close , it's not Hypoid , or only GL-5 What is everyone using , whats safe? is the dual rated stuff good to use in both places

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