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Found 18 results

  1. For whats its worth, I emailed Coleman about getting my MSO and the guy there was able to send me a current manual for my buggy, the one it cane with and the one on Tractor supplies website seems to be for an older model. Nothing seems to have changed except for the column mounted controls.
  2. View File Outfitter-UT400-ShiftCable Adjustment I got this from Coleman, detailed instruction re: shift cable adjustment... I forgot to mention you will need two 22 mm wrenches for the cable lock nuts. I hacked up a couple of cheap "quality tools for less" combination wrenches using a cut-off wheel in an angle grinder: Kind of like "flare nut wrenches", good for light duty like this. Submitter cliffyk
  3. 28 downloads

    I got this from Coleman, detailed instruction re: shift cable adjustment...
  4. Hi all! My name is Rob and I'm new the the UTV world. I'm Glad to be here and learn from the experts here on the forum. I have a frustrating question to ask the experienced members on here regarding the gear oil for my Coleman 400. The manual recommends for the final drive SAE 80 API GL-4 Hypoid gear oil and for the Diff SAE 80 API GL-5 Hypoid gear oil. I can't find this stuff anywhere( I'm in Calgary by the way) ..especially the GL-4 stuff. If I find something close , it's not Hypoid , or only GL-5 What is everyone using , whats safe? is the dual rated stuff good to use in both places
  5. View File 2017/2018 Hisun HS400 Service Manual As the the filename indicates, service manual for the2017/2018 Hisun HS400 and Coleman Outfitter 400/UT400... Submitter cliffyk Submitted 03/03/2021 Category Hisun  
  6. 14 downloads

    As the the filename indicates, service manual for the2017/2018 Hisun HS400 and Coleman Outfitter 400/UT400...
  7. View File Coleman Outfitter 800-3 Owner's Manual Coleman Outfitter 800-3 Owner's Manual Submitter Alex Submitted 03/02/2021 Category Coleman  
  8. 2 downloads

    Coleman Outfitter 800-3 Owner's Manual
  9. View File Coleman Outfitter 550/750 Owner's Manual Coleman Outfitter 550/750 Owner's Manual Submitter Alex Submitted 03/02/2021 Category Coleman  
  10. 3 downloads

    Coleman Outfitter 550/750 Owner's Manual
  11. I have a 2012 Coleman (hisun) hs700. The cooling fan quit working. I replaced the water temp sensor/ radiator fan switch located towards the bottom of the radiator. That did not cure the problem. I also put 12v directly to the fan to make sure the fan was still good. I then took the harness off the new temp sensor and shorted it to turn on the fan and nothing. Is there something else in line I should look at? I also found the sensor at the motor and jumpered through it. Still did not work. Any suggestions? Thanks
  12. Hi from oklahoma Does anyone else own a coleman unit. ?
  13. Howdy all, I searched the forum (and the internet in general) for this and didn't find anything that looked like an answer. I purchased a Coleman 550 from Tractor Supply last October. Runs well. Really only one issue that I have had and that is a dragging brake pad. Still haven't fixed it, but hope to soon. For now, it is time for the first oil change (38 hours). After some reading, I decided to use Mobil 1 4T 10w-40. I also purchased a filter from motorcyledoctor.com. Got the filter and noticed that there is a hex head on the end. I thought "Hey that's nifty, but I wonde
  14. Hi everyone, this is my first forum. I purchased 2 Coleman 250 UTV for around the house. It's perfect for running back and forth to the barn. I have 3hrs on both machines and the units are sputtering. I used 94 Octane gas. I'm hoping someone might have an idea.
  15. Curious if anyone has successfully added a light bar to a Coleman / Hisun 550cc UTV. I got mine at Tractor supply last November, but I understand they are the same machine as a Hisun. I've been scouring the interwebs for information regarding the wiring harness to no avail. Wondering if anyone on this forum as had success and could offer some tips. Thanks y'all
  16. Well after a good buddy of mine shared how happy he was with a Massimo 500 I decided to pull the trigger on one of my own. Probably the main use will be dirt roads and trails near Baldwin Mi where I have a camp. But my town does allow them to be plated and driven on the road. Hope my experience is as good as my buddy's is. Behind it there is a 400 King quad that you cant see and a 86 CJ7 project and my 69 Baja bug.
  17. I'm out of town and away from our 2017 Coleman/Hisun UTV 500 Side x Side, my Son needs to replace a broken cotter pin on the front left axle and tighten everything back up. We were able to find the cotter pin size 2.5mm x 30mm or equivalent 1/8" x 2" and I picked up a few. I just can not find the size socket it will need and the torque setting for the axle nut. Thanks for your time! Greg
  18. Amazon has the Coleman UTV Cover (Black) on sale for $42.88 ($74.99 normally) Measures 120” x 58” x 70" 300D x 300D polyester cover Heat resistant material sewn under cover as partial liner Accessory pocket for gloves and sunglasses Elastic bottom with hooks for securing cove

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