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  1. No I was not able to find the problem. I ended up wiring the fan directly to the switch so it runs while the UTV is running.
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  3. T-Boss Thanks for replying. Yes I did have the key switch on when I jumped the thermostat. And the fan did run when I applied 12v. I also have a fuse box under the hood and tested all of them.
  4. I have a 2012 Coleman (hisun) hs700. The cooling fan quit working. I replaced the water temp sensor/ radiator fan switch located towards the bottom of the radiator. That did not cure the problem. I also put 12v directly to the fan to make sure the fan was still good. I then took the harness off the new temp sensor and shorted it to turn on the fan and nothing. Is there something else in line I should look at? I also found the sensor at the motor and jumpered through it. Still did not work. Any suggestions? Thanks

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