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  1. Travis, Kenfain, is that what you guys do?
  2. So I guess my Coleman Outfitter is a rebadged Sector 550. I am wondering what if anything others do to protect their winshi9elds when trailering. I have a camp in Lake co Mi and I will be trailering it about 5 hrs each way from Sandusky Oh. My bikes and quad don't have windshields so I never worried about it but I have seen others putting plywood or other covers over theirs. FWIW the whole route is on paved roads. Dirt starts 1/4 mile north of my camp.
  3. Birddog1148


  4. Well after a good buddy of mine shared how happy he was with a Massimo 500 I decided to pull the trigger on one of my own. Probably the main use will be dirt roads and trails near Baldwin Mi where I have a camp. But my town does allow them to be plated and driven on the road. Hope my experience is as good as my buddy's is. Behind it there is a 400 King quad that you cant see and a 86 CJ7 project and my 69 Baja bug.

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