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So I guess my Coleman Outfitter is a rebadged Sector 550.  I am wondering what if anything others do to protect their winshi9elds when trailering.  I have a camp in Lake co Mi and I will be trailering it about 5 hrs each way from Sandusky Oh.  My bikes and quad don't have windshields so I never worried about it but I have seen others putting plywood or other covers over theirs.  FWIW the whole route is on paved roads.  Dirt starts 1/4 mile north of my camp.


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All it takes is one unlucky rock. I'd probably make a padded plywood cover for the windshield. The padding to protect the plexiglass from the plywood. Cut four hand sized holes around  the outside edge for handling, and also to run the ratchet straps through. 

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