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  1. So I was reading there is only two safety switches. The brake switch and the neutral safety switch. Is that correct? Is it the park brake switch or the foot brake switch? The brake lights work and neutral lights up on the dash so I am assuming that they are working. Anything I need to know? thanks Travis
  2. Here is the solenoid I took out
  3. The solenoid that cam out was a 4 wire the two from the battery to the starter and one blue and black which I assume is ignition switch and a yellow with blue strip
  4. 2007 Hisun HS700 will not crank. Replace the ignition switch. Same thing. Replaced solenoid by the battery same thing. Can jump it and it starts good across the solenoid posts. Ran a jumper wire from switch to solenoid. Nothing can anyone suggest something else.
  5. I didn't remove mine and it broke. So I would remove it going forward.
  6. Oh that is not good. Mine had 2600 km on it when I bought it and now over 3400 km and no problems with the engine itself.
  7. I purchased a farm used 2007 Hisun 700 back in January 2019. early thoughts were not that great of the machine but after using it for 5 months on a pipeline project, I changed my mind. I did do some minor maintaining early on. Oil changes of the diffs and engine and a new battery, spark plug etc. Like I said, ran it for a full 5 months and it never let me down. So after the 5 months of being a work horse, I had the ball joints replaced with Yamaha Rhino ones. Plus the secondary and primary clutches. Added a voltage gauge and usb charger, added an actual temp gauge ( Cheap not working unless mo
  8. There has to be something wrong. I have had mine to 92kph ( 57mph) for a constant speed. Mind you that was with the stock clutch and I have put in a new one and haven't used it for a while to actually see what the top speed of it is now. And that 92 kph was pretty quick to get too. I would say something is wrong with yours. When we pulled the stock chinese clutch, the plastic slides i think were all broke apart.
  9. On my Hisun the headlight dust covers are dry rotted pretty bad. I found the bigger ones but can't seem to find the smaller ones. Does and one know of a place I could find them?
  10. Thanks Matt and if you have any sizes for the dust covers for the headlights
  11. I believe the 4/110 Yamaha ones will work and you can look on ebay. not sure about the tires. The reading I have done means you would need a clutch kit and shim kit for biger tires
  12. One more Question about light bulbs. Are the brake light bulbs just 1157? And the front side bulbs T10? Thanks
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