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  1. On my Hisun the headlight dust covers are dry rotted pretty bad. I found the bigger ones but can't seem to find the smaller ones. Does and one know of a place I could find them?
  2. Thanks Matt and if you have any sizes for the dust covers for the headlights
  3. I believe the 4/110 Yamaha ones will work and you can look on ebay. not sure about the tires. The reading I have done means you would need a clutch kit and shim kit for biger tires
  4. One more Question about light bulbs. Are the brake light bulbs just 1157? And the front side bulbs T10? Thanks
  5. Flanman55


  6. Hey Strike, Its a carbed unit. I well try to get pictures of it
  7. Well, i was looking today and it’s only a one wire out of the probe temp sensor and the is nothing in the area that looks like it should be plugged into it. I am confused also. My bypassed fan quit working Is this normal?
  8. Strike you for this info. I will have a look tomorrow
  9. Yes it is similar but not the same. Thanks though. Just looking for engine compartment pictures of where the temp probe wiring plugs in and pictures of how the sensor in the rad is plugged in Thanks again.
  10. Thanks for the response Ken. I am not worried about the costs at all, it's just a matter of getting it right. If some has pictures of their wiring for either of these two sensors that would be awesome. Thanks again
  11. I have purchased a used Supermach700 (2008), It runs great after a new choke cable but. The temp sensor on the thermostat house is unhooked and can not find where it plugs back in. The fan has been un hooked from the sensor in the rad and cant figure out how it goes back together properly. The fan was wired to a by pass switch and i just always leave it on but would like to work it properly. I assume the sensor went bad and not changed. any help would be great. thanks

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