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  1. In the last year he has had three batteries replaced.
  2. The local Hisun dealer has sold only four E1's in this area. Like me, they use them on their farm/ranch. Chickens and cattle are big in this area of Arkansas. Part of the reason more are not sold here is Hisun is not pushing them in order to sell their gas models. Those who want them have to wait six to 10 weeks to get one. The Hisun distributor in the USA is in north Texas and unlike most Texans they are not to customer friendly! I also have found the inability to purchase certain vehicles in the automotive world. Eighteen months ago I wanted to purchase a plug-in hybrid from Hyundai. I discovered they only sell on the east and west coast of the US. Dealers can not even get them! So I ended up buying a Hyundai Ioniq hybrid. I have really enjoyed it, especially the mid 50's mpg. But if I could have bought the plug-in version I could have gone about 30+ miles on electricity, and most of my round trips from home are less than 30 miles.
  3. There are a few SxS's that use newer technology, ie. lithium batteries, but they are really pricey. The gel batteries in the E1, even though very heavy, work well and are not as temperamental as the lithium. The heavy batteries also give the E1 the ability to pull a heavy load without loosing traction. For example, I got my Dixie Chopper lawn mower stuck in deep mud a while back. I was able to pull it out with the E1.
  4. Some of these battery issues may be due to the BMS (battery maintenance system). I own a hybrid vehicle and there is always talk on the forums about issues with the BMS. It seems like with electric vehicles the BMS is the brains of the electrical system. I wonder if the dealers that are servicing these electric units really understand what they are working on!
  5. Have a friend here with an E1 and he has had battery problems too. In his case I think the batteries set to long either at dealer or distributor without being charged. These type of batteries need to have the charge kept up on them or they go bad. Hisun has replace several of them under warranty. My E1 was fresh out of the distributor and did not sit around at all. I have had no issues. I charge it about every two weeks, but the charge level has never gone below one notch of the gauge. I have never driven mine far. I use it only on my 18 acre place. I have a small mountain at the edge of my property and it has no issue navigating it. It is always parked under cover so it is not completely out in the elements.
  6. Battery voltage may not be the issue. The issue may be what the amps/wattage of each battery is under load. Have your dealer run a load test on each battery to see if they are up to spec. A battery can show its rated voltage but fail under load. Today I was splitting logs in my pasture and pulled my log splitter and a full load of split oak logs in the bed up a steep bank in 4wd and in low without any problems.
  7. I am sorry you have had the issues list. I have a friend that has had an E1 for about a year and he had a battery issue since he brought it home. They finally fixed it by replacing one faulty battery. I have had mine just six + weeks and it has more power than I need. I have small mountain at the back of my place and it goes up it like a jack rabbit. Haven't gone through any heavy mud yet so no experience.
  8. Yes there is a return spring inside the mechanism on the other side of the firewall. But on my E1 it was not strong enough to return the pedal enough to activate a microswitch that permits current to flow into a relay and then thus to the electric motor. A safety switch! I could have replaced the weak E1 spring, but this was much simpler.
  9. I have an E1 and am happy with it. Very quiet. No gas, oil, filters, plugs, etc to worry about. I just plug it in once a week. I have installed a radio and an LED light bar. It has more power than you will ever need.
  10. Just in case you still have a problem with the back up noise. You can remove the four screws that hold the switch cluster and pull it out. behind thee wiring is the buzzer. just disconnect the wires.
  11. Do not know if any of you Hisun E1 owners have had issues with the parking brake pedal not returning completely, thus preventing you from moving forward or reverse. I had this issue and even sometimes when going over rough road the parking brake pedal would move down far enough to shut off power. Local dealer said no one had complained about that issue and they had no fix. So decided to correct it myself. I installed a return spring on the parking brake arm and it stopped the problem!
  12. I just installed a 12" LED light bar on my Hisun EV. Wow a difference it makes at night!
  13. With 2080 amps and 1200 watts of battery power backing up the 12 volt battery I do not think there is going to be a power issue with the led light strip. Remember this an EV!
  14. I have a 15 amp plug-in inline fuse at the battery plus terminal and a 14 gauge wire running to the front behind the dash. I use that to power the radio and an LED light strip that is in shipment presently. I will mount the switch for the LED lights in the knock on the dash behind the steering wheel. I am mounting the 12" light bar on the front bumper, just in front of the grill. Are you aware there is an empty 12v. connection in the rear under the tailgate? It is powered when the lights are on. In the wiring diagram it shows to be for a license plate lamp.
  15. Installed a radio/media player in my new Hisun Sector E1. Got a universal under dash kit from Amazon for $13, a radio/media player from Walmart for $17, and two speaker kits with grills from a friend for $10. Had some wire, connectors, and screws lying around. Mounted the radio in the plastic under dash kit. The radio is amazing for the price. It is only about two inches deep, but has Bluetooth, USB, and AM/FM radio. Mounted the speakers in the panel under the seat. Ran the wiring through the drive shaft tunnel. Installed a in-line fuse for the + wire and tapped in to the head lamp switch for the ign on wire. Tapped in to a ground wire in the wire loom behind the switches. I use this to play my tunes from a flash drive. I did not even bother to connect an antenna to it. Because the E1 is electric there is no engine noise to drown out the music!

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