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  1. It looks like one would need to use one of their chargers to have the ability to use their app.
  2. I have not found anything but a pdf file that list the specs. Hisun does not seem to customer friendly. I have managed to get my local dealer to photo copy some mechanical and wiring diagrams. If you don't have a good local dealer you are on your own with Hisun. They are more of an assembler than a manufacturer. They are shipped in from south east Asia in pieces to North Texas, assembled and then shipped to dealers.
  3. https://www.amazon.com/GeepKey-Receptacle-Waterproof-Straight-Approved/dp/B08P6TVWDR/ref=dp_prsubs_2?pd_rd_i=B08P6TVWDR&psc=1
  4. Might try checking to see if your wheels are tight. Lit it up in the air at each wheel and see if there is any play in the wheel. If so take out the cotter pin and tighten the nut. Simple.
  5. I have never liked the cord in the glove box to charge the E1. It takes up to much room and in the winter the cord is very stiff. So I decided to install a charge port like the EV's have. I purchased a weatherproof socket to install in the side of the E1. Wired the charge cable to the socket and installed it. So much easier now to plug the charge cord into the socket, and I have more room in the glove box. On another note: Since I have owned the E1 I have noticed a rattle in the right front area but I never could locate it until last week when I had the E1 up in the air on a lift. When
  6. I have had my E1 since late last summer and I have always noticed that the parking brake was weak or non existent. About a month or so after I purchased it I mentioned to the dealer that the parking brake did not function well. What I was expecting from the dealer, ' well bring it in and we will correct the issue.' What I got was the typical dealer response, "it may just need to be adjusted." No shit! Well I finally decided to adjust it. A very simple process need only two 10mm wrenches. Open the bed, remove the pin holding the bed to the strut and move the bad out of the way. Right in fron
  7. Gorj


  8. Mine and some others that bought one from the same dealer came with a 2 inch adapter that fits OVER the Hisun receiver. I think Hisun left that off your unit. Dealer should provide you that adapter.
  9. I hope you get it sorted out. We call our E1 the Mule, for our other side by side was a Kawasaki Mule! Our two wheeler with a handle that curves out, we call Dolly Parton! A funny: You know what Moses used to part the Red Sea? ..... A sea saw!
  10. Thank goodness we do not have really cold temps here. If one battery is defective it affect your power output. In an emergency there is something you can try. Remove the bad battery. With the power off. connect the two battery cables from the removed battery. If the other batteries are good and charged, you should have enough power to move the vehicle. I have never tried this but technically I think it would work.
  11. In the last year he has had three batteries replaced.
  12. The local Hisun dealer has sold only four E1's in this area. Like me, they use them on their farm/ranch. Chickens and cattle are big in this area of Arkansas. Part of the reason more are not sold here is Hisun is not pushing them in order to sell their gas models. Those who want them have to wait six to 10 weeks to get one. The Hisun distributor in the USA is in north Texas and unlike most Texans they are not to customer friendly! I also have found the inability to purchase certain vehicles in the automotive world. Eighteen months ago I wanted to purchase a plug-in hybrid from Hyundai. I dis
  13. There are a few SxS's that use newer technology, ie. lithium batteries, but they are really pricey. The gel batteries in the E1, even though very heavy, work well and are not as temperamental as the lithium. The heavy batteries also give the E1 the ability to pull a heavy load without loosing traction. For example, I got my Dixie Chopper lawn mower stuck in deep mud a while back. I was able to pull it out with the E1.
  14. Some of these battery issues may be due to the BMS (battery maintenance system). I own a hybrid vehicle and there is always talk on the forums about issues with the BMS. It seems like with electric vehicles the BMS is the brains of the electrical system. I wonder if the dealers that are servicing these electric units really understand what they are working on!
  15. Have a friend here with an E1 and he has had battery problems too. In his case I think the batteries set to long either at dealer or distributor without being charged. These type of batteries need to have the charge kept up on them or they go bad. Hisun has replace several of them under warranty. My E1 was fresh out of the distributor and did not sit around at all. I have had no issues. I charge it about every two weeks, but the charge level has never gone below one notch of the gauge. I have never driven mine far. I use it only on my 18 acre place. I have a small mountain at the edge of my

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