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This is for all of you AXIS Off-Road UTV, SxS (Side by Side) owners. Discussions about AXIS Off-Road specific topics including the Axis 500, 700, 750, and EV models. 

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    • Been a while planning this.  I bought a used "Axis" E1, the version of the Hisun E1 that used to be sold through Lowe's.  I like it a lot and use it for hauling firewood and a log splitter around my property, but it always threw the low voltage alert under load going up hills and would slow down to a crawl or even stop if it had been used just a little.  While the Discover lead-acid batteries were probably failing anyway, I have to wonder if the OEM batteries were the wrong choice from the beginning since I don't think they are capable of much more than 100A continuous output, well below the 400A motor. After extensive searching online for a 48V setup that would be both easy and capable of a 400A continuous output, I found the ReLion Insight 48V LiFePO batteries.  They actually have the same standardized GC2 exterior dimensions as the Discover batteries, so no adapting was necessary for the trays.  I went with their 4 battery bundle which included a digital "fuel" gauge, two dummy spacers (which I didn't need) and an offboard charger (also didn't need, but a good backup).  Their technical support was very helpful and actually sent me the zip file to update the existing Delta-Q onboard charger profile for their batteries (profile P269). I pulled out the old batteries and connected the new batteries in parallel in the four battery positions near the centerline using new cables of the same uniform length.  I did re-use the cables for the final connection to the motor controller.  With these new batteries, they also come with CAN cables to connect all the batteries together.  That way the onboard BMS built in to each unit talks to each other, and the "fuel" gauge also connects via CAN so it gets the total picture and doesn't have the same problem mentioned above by Didgeridoo.  When it's turned on, the gauge detects how many batteries are connected and reads out a digital percentage and total remaining amp hours.  Pretty neat system. I kept the blinking green light from the onboard charger since it still works and lets me know if the Delta-Q charger is properly providing current, but I got rid of the decal below it and installed the round digital gauge in it's place.  Turned on the batteries (they have their own on/off button if you want to isolate them), turned the key, and it all worked perfectly.  Loads of torque, no low voltage battery warning, and full advertised speed available.  Plus, the four new batteries weigh 138lb total vs 520lb for the old Discover batteries.  As mentioned before, the existing instrument cluster battery level isn't accurate, but I don't care since I now have a digital percentage to look at.  The amp output gauge does work though, since I believe that is reading from the motor controller.  Before the conversion, I couldn't get over 100A output, after the conversion I've seen it up to 300A and I haven't really pushed it yet. The new batteries are 48V, 30ah, so I have a total capacity of 120ah right now.  Can't tell you the range under the manufacturer's flat, paved, medium speed, 2wd conditions, but I did do some distance with two people (~400lbs total) in 4wd low over bumpy and very hilly terrain.  I estimate I would have had a maximum range of about 12 miles under those tough conditions.  That seems more than enough for my purposes, but if I wanted to invest in it, I could add another four batteries for a total of 240ah.  The batteries and cables were still cool to the touch after that trip, by the way. As expected, they're expensive (4 battery bundle is ~$5300 USD), but the setup is so much more capable now and the UTV plus batteries are still much less than the Polaris lithium version UTV - even if I did add another four batteries. I could include pictures, but since the batteries have the same outer form, there's actually not much to see other than four empty spots.  The top hold down brackets of the inner four batteries ("H" shape) don't quite work with the buttons/lift brackets of the new batteries, but since I only had four to deal with, I just used the straight hold down brackets from the outer batteries and it works just fine and doesn't move.
    • 2018 Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 EPS w/ride command On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/266164193288?
    • I bought this qlink 700 frontrunner from my father in law.  Went through a horrible divorce where my ex kept all my personal belongings and refused to return them.  Finally got a court order and she was ordered to return my items including the utv.  Utv sat for 3 years. I finally got it to crank but nothing electrical is working (fuel pump, instrument cluster, lights, horn etc...)  all the fuses are good, possibly a relay???  Where can I get an owners manual, parts diagram etc.?   I have no clue what year it is.
    • Hello I have a 08 hisun 700 and apparently that year they had frost plugs in the cylinder head and were know to corrode and start leaking.  Well I have one and I have tried the jb weld to seal the leak but no go.  Is there anyone that can tell me the mesurements  of the cylinder frost plug hole. Apparently you cannot buy them  not available, so I'll try to source something if I can get the mesurements.   Thanks Thumpalong
    • After my buddy and me repainted our troopers i made these on my wifes Cricut machine. It's cool cause you can pick different fonts. 
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