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Please help me solve this

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The definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing and expect a different result. 

You already performed the TPS replacement twice! 

I agree, that diagnosis doesn't sound reasonable.

Is there information we haven't heard of this far?

Hate to see you spend more money and not correct the problem.

Look for low voltage input at the TPS. Must be a poor signal.....

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Pull your speed limiter and see if it runs better. It’s next to the battery, the box says speed limiter on it. Unplug and take it for a spin. I changed a bunch of stuff on mine until I tried that. I believe it limits the speed in which the machine backs up. 

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This is not the same equipment, but, will get you in the ballpark! You will have to research the specs for Axis.

The concept is the same, basically, the TPS is a potentiometer that is feeding information back to PCM that controls timing. ( In a nut shell)

Trying to keep it simple......

Use this link to grasp basic fundamentals, then study how tps works.....then perform test

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Did you or shop reset the computer after changing parts?

Kinda simple.

Look here for a lot of good information on these and other engines.


Look at post #5

"Rebooting the ECU

Perform the following steps to reboot the ECU.

1. Turn off the ignition for 15 seconds.
2. Turn the ignition on/off for 5 cycles. Make sure each cycle lasts about ½ second, verifying the start of the fuel pump for each cycle. If the fuel pump doesn't start during any cycle, begin the entire reboot procedure from the beginning.
3. Turn off the ignition for 15 seconds.
The Motorcycle Doctor has another procedure for resetting the ECU but I think the above procedure is safer.
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A few questions. 

1. What is the "certain" RPM?

2. What speed?

3 What range is the drive selector? Meaning "High", "Low", or "Reverse"?

4. Does it do it with drive selector in "Neutral"?

5. 2 or 4 wheel drive?


Have you tested/inspected the speed sending unit on the rear differential and gear oil? See pic.



Do NOT just try and remove the sensor. The wires will just twist and brake. There is a connection on the wires coming from the sensor about 5-7 inches from where is screws into the differential.  Disconnect the wire and turn the sensor and wires as one unit.


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What scanner? Model number. 

Did you have to buy or make an adapter cable. 

There are just a few scanners that can read and reset the computer. The ECU should be a Delphi MT05. Try the procedure above. It's free, easy, at at least you can say "I told you it wouldn't work."


So at 3100RPM in neutral and in Hi range (2-wheel or 4-wheel) and Lo range (2-wheel or 4-wheel) it will surges.

If it does it in neutral, then it shouldn't be anything speed related.  It would should be something with a sensor that controls the RPM to keep excessive from hurting the engine.


Will it go above the 3100 RPM? Or cutting out at 3100 like it's hitting a Rev Limiter? 

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Ts-301 is the scanner no adapter needed. It will go above 3100 that's just when it starts to surge. And I have tried every method to reset the computer. I think I'll have to find a better shop to look at it

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