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Axis 500 switchblade plow mount location??

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We are working on the same kolpin/axis 500 configuration. Lowes sells the blade as compatible but the mounting plate is exactly the wrong size for the width of the axis 500 frame. We cut the u-bolts short so they could fit over the frame and extend down. However, the adapter plate slots to receive the u-bolts are not cut in the right place to avoid the frame. The u-bolts bind with the plate no matter what configuration we've tried.

We may try wider u-bolts or may need to modify the adapter plate. We'll try to update the thread if we find a solution.

Anybody else successful?

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Hello. Was anyone successful at getting the switchblade mount to work with the Hisun/Axis 500? I purchased a 500 this year from Lowes and am considering getting the Switchblade 17-5000 that lowes is selling if it will actually mount up. I appreciate any advice in advance.  

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I installed this yesterday and yes, the universal mount is a total pain.  As plowdaddy said the slots to receive the U-bolts are off just enough that the bolts don't sit properly.  I basically forced it on but now that the plate is installed I've noticed my turning radius is now restricted-I can't make sharp turns without rubbing up against the mounting plate because it's so wide.  Anyone have success?  Debating whether I should just spend the money for a new plate or try extensively modifying the universal one...

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