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Snow Plow on 2015 Kawasaki Teryx 800LE


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Want to add a Snow Plow.  Vehicle has been lifted 2".  Does the bracket need to accommodate that extra lift to keep the plowing geometry correct? Denali, Switchblade, KPI, Poly v Steel?  Any recommendations. 

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2 weeks ago I got a 72 inch Denali for my 2011 Tyrex. The plow mount was supposed to mount to the BOTTOM of the frame plate on the unit by hanging it from 2 grade 5 bolts that are also used to mount the winch. Aside from the fact that this causes the bolts securing the rear of the plow to be way too short, this mounting creates a shear point for the front bolts. You are asking the front bolts to absorb the force every time you push into that snow bank. I’m a retired engineer who knows about force transfer. This is a ludicrous way to attach the plow mount to the frame. I got hold of Motoalliance, the outfit I bought it from, and was told that yes this is how to mount it. I doubt the kid I spoke to was a technical representative but was probably a parts guy. If I can get hold of Denali, I’ll post an update. I was quite satisfied with the quality of the product itself but the installation instructions were very poor.

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