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2020 coleman HS 400 Grease areas

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Hi all! I have an annoying metal on metal sound coming from the back end at slow speeds, this thing is still pretty new less than 100 miles. I went on the hunt for the  grease fitting in the back but could only find 2 and the were fine , but I was thinking there must be more. While I was at it I also checked the front  and again only found 2 . Is that all there is and if not does anyone have a drawing  or can tell me where the others  are? I went through the manual and there is nothing on  them and can't seem to find anything on line about them. I was thinking it could also be the breaks, as the sound gets a little louder when you apply the breaks,  but its still like new or  maybe the parking break isn't fully disengaging.   Anyway , thought I would start with the grease first, Appreciate any help with this.



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On 6/23/2022 at 6:10 AM, aefron88 said:

I attached a screenshot from the manual of some grease points (steering knuckle, steering shaft, and sway bars).

In addition to those pictured both driveshafts have greasable u-joints and I believe the upper/lower a-arms have grease points on the frame side.

Screenshot_20220623-070854_Samsung Notes.jpg

Thank you , this a big help , I knew I was missing some. How did I miss this in the manual...wow!   appreciate the response , thanks again

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