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Rats! ate wires alot on 2020 M550 challenger-- where can I find a wiring diagram? with photos?

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Hi. Ive been searching for a wiring diagram, hopefully with photos, part #s so I can try to repair damage from rats eating wiring over the winter on the M550 cub cadet UTV. (sigh). haven't had any luck. i have a plug with dangling wires from under seat, next to battery compartment and hope to take to dealers to see if he can order replacement and hopefully it comes with long enough wires that i can splice back into remaining wires. not going to be easy. I'm not sure if there is any more damage, but would have to disassemble to get to bare chassis. sigh. not sure I can do all that, but just trying to find a diagram with photos. no luck. any ideas. thank you.

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thanks, I've seen this operator's manual before, but it doesn't give enough detail for what I am trying to do... (get a plug? )

I did find a shop manual at manual lib (?)...

I think this is the link: https://www.manualslib.com/download/1813524/Cub-Cadet-Challenger-Series.html

but it doesn't show me the plug, just wire diagram, not helping me...

There is also this parts catalog with electrical, but only shows the "harness" and it's not clear which one I would need and it looks like more that I would want to work with... 

here's parts catalog link: https://cc.shankslawn.com/oemparts/a/cut/5b75c4fc87a86612881804ee/electrical

I'll go to dealer's tomorrow and see what he can suggest. thanks,

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2019 Coleman 550 we bought it from Tractor supply and it wouldn’t run. They are a feed store and I’m pretty sure they had the rats. We got it at a discount but we are still electrical taping wires as we see them. It has really parked the vehicle a lot and it has cost money in mechanics when we got stumped. The rats ate the wires and it has not been fun

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