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2018 Cub Cadet Challenger 750 shifting problems

Gary T

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I generally use my challenger for light duty misc. use, and for plowing. The one thing I dislike about this machine is the difficulty in shifting. I've had it the shop and they adjusted the shifting lever, but I still have issues. Some times it shifts ok, but the problem is it is hard to get it to move the lever from high to reverse or low to high or from any gear to the other. Seems I always have to accelerate a little to get it to engage to what gear I need it to go to. This is definitely not normal.

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You probably have too much grease in the primary clutch housing that has the weights. I had the same issue with mine. Over a cup of grease in there! The roller weights in there need to move and won’t if cold due to a cup of 90 weight gear oil. Manual calls for slightly greased with 90 wt oil. I live where it is very cold in the winter. I used moly dry spray instead of grease.

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YES!  The Cub Cadet Shifting is a poor design. I understand and sometimes forget that you must have your foot on the brke to shift, but, I is still a major pain, especially while plowing.  I hope they find a better way to shift or my next buggie won't be a CUB...

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I have a 2020, when I first got it I WD40’d all the moving parts related to the shifter, even the plastic part that moves with the shift lever.

I've never had a problem since then and I’m thinking the dealers should do this before it’s delivered to a customer.

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I Have a 2017 Challenger 550.  it is a piece of S*** it has 324 miles and 112 hours on it and is currently in the shop getting its 4th new clutch that is an average of about 28 hours per clutch.  this machine is not abused at all it is lightly used around the yard and was intended to plow my driveway but can't even use it for that since the clutch system does not allow you to back up any inclines without burning out the clutch and the shifting of this machine is pathetic,  I have been going back and forth with level 3 tech support and they seem to put the blame on me for user error everytime.  I was told today they i should never put the machine in a position where i would have to backup from a stop with any incline (LOL) you pay $15000 for this thing and you have to drive it on flat surfaces.  *********Buyers beware these things are junk**************

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 I have I have the same your Cub Cadet 2018 Challenger 750 and I have new shift to put in it and all the new shifter is giving me problems and I found out that if you brake lightly you can go from low high and neutral and if you can't get a past neutral into reverse or Park, brake a little harder and it should go all the way up reverse and Park. Hopefully that helps you out. I took my old one apart and there's only two little pieces in there besides the shifter and a spring into little levers at hit notches.

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My 2017 750 has the same problems  550 miles 66 hours.  3 chutchs.  muffler broke. seat cracked. won't shift.  now the timing chain jump off recking cam gear and bending the yalves.  the timing chain  adjuster was assembled wrong right from the factory. Sent a video  of it to cub and cub will not help me out.  We have to get the word out to not  buy this junk.

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