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  1. I have I have the same your Cub Cadet 2018 Challenger 750 and I have new shift to put in it and all the new shifter is giving me problems and I found out that if you brake lightly you can go from low high and neutral and if you can't get a past neutral into reverse or Park, brake a little harder and it should go all the way up reverse and Park. Hopefully that helps you out. I took my old one apart and there's only two little pieces in there besides the shifter and a spring into little levers at hit notches.
  2. Terry Hering

    Terry Hering

  3. I hope that solves your problem? Mine was brand new when it happened to me. and it is really easy to make a new one, cuz if you order one for like $50. I'm learning a lot since I bought mine brand new. because dealers don't tell a whole lot when you ask him questions.
  4. replace the spark plug wire. I had the same thing happen to me and there's carbon film elements that are in that wire and they just fall apart so I replaced it with a real spark plug wire with wire in it I'm hoping that would solve your problem. I put a real spark plug wire in and made it myself.
  5. @Mikey1971 @Mikey1971 I just had the upgraded Muffler put on, and it's not any quieter. I have a Cub Cadet 750 Challenger 2018, I just joined myself. I have a fully enclosed cab and yes it is noisier than without. I'm finding out a lot of things that they don't tell you about to.

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