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  2. @Terry Hering OUCH! That sounds very expensive. We were thinking of something aftermarket that might quite things down a bit. We have also been looking into DYNAMAT or something similar to add in certain areas where the noise seems to be resonating from. Also heavy floor mats should dampen the noise even more. I have also been looking at the clutch venting notes from VERNO above. Thinking this might help as well. I truly appreciate the insight about your ordeal. I know there are a few of us out there that are working these items that Cub Cadet did not do well on and sharing will help u
  3. @Terry Hering which muffler did you purchase? If you have not tried the yoga mat underneath the seat, well worth it. What other things have you found out? BTW - welcome to the board!
  4. Happy to report we put a yoga mat in between the seat and the top of the engine compartment just like recommended here and what a difference that made. I could not believe it! Thinking sound deadening material on the inside of the engine compartment (outside of the wall that is under the seat at your feet inside the cab) and heavy floor mats might help as well. Thanks to Richard and VERNO! @Richard Hughes - any update on the brake squeaking? Was riding with a friend that has a Mule and his was doing it also. He said - it comes and goes, sometimes it does it and some times it doesn't
  5. Richard - would be interested in what you find on the brakes. Could you please post once you have checked them out. Thanks for the feedback on the cab noise as well. I assume the whole purpose of the clutch vent it to remove heat from that area and nothing else. Would like to see how you do this. Another user here VERNO shared that he did the same thing and it reduced the cab noise somewhat. Also installing a yoga mat underneath the seat. I also thought of sound deadening material on the outside of the compartment that sits below the seat as this is very open and I have seen other SxS
  6. Hi all. I just found this forum and am so happy to find a source of information about the CC side by sides as the information on the web can be limited. Our 2018 has squeaks while moving slowly. Seems to come mainly from the front wheel area, but it intermittent and is very annoying. Any thoughts or experience someone can share? Also, like everyone else with the roof, doors, front and rear windows and occasional the top half of the doors, it can get pretty loud inside while riding. I read someone mentioned using a yoga mat under the seat (gonna do that this weekend). Other modificat

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