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  1. all repairs and services have been done by our local cub cadet dealer so i would hope so.
  2. How many people have burnt clutches in these things? Mine is a 2017 112hrs 324 miles lightly used around the yard in the shop getting its 4th clutch. What a joke.
  3. I Have a 2017 Challenger 550. it is a piece of S*** it has 324 miles and 112 hours on it and is currently in the shop getting its 4th new clutch that is an average of about 28 hours per clutch. this machine is not abused at all it is lightly used around the yard and was intended to plow my driveway but can't even use it for that since the clutch system does not allow you to back up any inclines without burning out the clutch and the shifting of this machine is pathetic, I have been going back and forth with level 3 tech support and they seem to put the blame on me for user error everytime.

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