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  1. I often drive my 2014 Bennche 700X slowly when I run my house dogs. I got tired of it overheating and made the radiator fan run all the time and installed additional electric water pump. Has not overheated since.
  2. When I try to back up a hill, belt squeals and engine surges. Will not back up. Never have any problem going forward on the steepest hills. Have seen this problem posted before but, never an answer.
  3. I've had electrical connection problems with my 2014 Bennche 700 crew. I think some of the electrical devices on the machine pull too much current and need heavier connectors. The plug to the radiator fan melted down and fuel pump connector wouldn't maintain contact. I replaced both with something heavier.
  4. Lyonel Geary

    Lyonel Geary

  5. Have 2014 Bennche (Hisun) 700 EFI Four Seater. Have great difficulty getting out of whatever gear its in. Very often, have to shut engine off to move gear shift. Is there a way to decrease idle speed?

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