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Bennche 500 Won’t move when in gear

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Hi-  I have a 2013 Bennche Bighorn 500. 

I recently replaced the primary clutch because it was stripped. It was running well for 2-3 very short test rides. Then it decided it didn’t want to move anymore. 

when in gear and given throttle,  the clutch is not spinning, but does spin when in neutral and throttle is applied. Although it’s making funny noises when throttle is applied in both cases. 

when in Gear,  something is spinning but not the Primary, it doesn’t sound great. Hard to describe. 

anyone have any clues as to what it could be ?  

Thank you!


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Sounds like the wet clutch is shot and will need to be replaced.


Jack up the machine. Remove CVT cover. Start machine, place in gear, give some gas,, and see if the primary and secondary spin.


Then lower back to ground with CVT cover off. Start machine, Place in gear, give some gas, and see if primary and secondary.


If primary spins in air and not on ground. The. The wet clutch is shot. If primary spins on ground but not the secondary. Then the belt need replaced again or primary and secondary needs cleaned or more attention.


Maybe a low oil situation but I'm sure you have already checked that.


Had the same thing happen on my moto. Replaced belt and then had to replace the wet clutch.

If wet clutch is shot. Recommend replacing wet clutch, clutch drum/spindle the primary attaches to, one-way/engine brake bearing. Might as well get oil filter and oil cause the clutch material had to go somewhere. I would actually get 2 oil change kits. After the repair and machine is now mobile. After riding a week or so and oil has had a chance to move around engine and wash stuff to pan. Change oil and filter again to keep stuff off your new clutch. And makes sure stuff from old clutch doesn't clog up filter and messes up your new clutch.

Best of luck. 

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