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Vector 500 wire connectors

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Yes.  I believe the Vector is made by HiSun.  Assuming the Vector 500 is set up the same as the HiSun Sector  550 and 750, there should be one 2 wire connector on the front passenger side near the suspension.  You should find another 2 wire connector hanging in the rear under the bed.  On your dashboard , you should find a 3 position rocker switch labeled Accessory.  Pushing the top of the switch delivers power to the front connector.  The middle position is off.  Pushing the bottom of the switch delivers power to the rear connector.  These could be used to power a front light bar and rear light.

I suggest you get on YouTube and look up Kreps Service Station.  Justin Kreps is a UTV dealer in Spring Mills, PA.  He handles several brands including HiSun.  Justin has posted many very useful videos describing the HiSUn Sector UTVs.  In particular, look for the "HiSun Sector 550 / 750 Operational Information" video.  Hope this helps.

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Yes, big help. And I find Kreps’s videos very helpful as well. So on the Vector there are 3 blank spaces on the panel one of which I’m sure is used on the Sector and other models for the accessory switch. While mine does not have the switch, I suspect the wire is probably present under the dash. I’ll check it out further. Thanks for the reply

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Well, back to square one with these wires. I took the mounting plate out of the dash. There was an unused wire in there but it is marked for the rear differential lock and has 4 conductors. Each of the mystery connectors has two wires. In the rear- black and green, front left- black and grey, front right- black and blue. I did not detect any power when I activated any switch. I can’t be the only guy to have found these. I’ll post again when I figure it out

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