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  1. Yes, but the parts internally are shared. Not all but most of them are the same.
  2. Send me private message with your email and I'll send you a link to the OEM manual.
  3. Also, remove the spark plug and try turning over the engine by hand and see how easy it turns over. make sure its not making contact with anything when turning it over with a socket wrench. If the timing is correct, and the valves are adjusted properly, then you must have a electrical issue with power going to the starter. I again am assuming you have check the starter, battery, cables and connections. You can reach me with a private message like the one I sent you. Matt
  4. Okay, now that we know the engine is turning over slowly, it really only is limited by a few things. As we are sure there is a fully charged battery turning over the new starter, we have to assume the starter is good and the power to the starter is good. Now the next step is to check the engine timing to ensure it has not skipped a tooth on the cam gear. You have already checked the valve clearance at 0.08 ~ 0.12 mm (0.0031 ~ 0.0047 in) 0.12 ~ 0.15 mm (0.0047 ~ 0.0059 in) So if these numbers are good, then its time to check the engine timing. Put the flywheel at top dead center. you want to get the marks to look like this: remove this cover to inspect the timing marks it could also look like the image below Wrench to counterclockwise rotation Align the “I” mark ① on the rotor with the stationary pointer ② on the A.C. magneto cover. When the “I” mark is aligned with the stationary pointer, the piston is at the Top Dead Center (TDC). make sure the mark on the cam gear is pointing straight up and lined up with the mark on the head as in the picture above. then adjust your valve clearance. This will ensure your timing is correct and that the cam has not jumped a tooth, putting your valve timing incorrectly
  5. Try to bypass the starter relay and see how the starter turns over, it should be sending out more volts to the starter than that.
  6. when the starter relay opens for the starter to engage. it should have a solid 12 volts going to it, and at lease 8-9 volts minimum coming out of it to the starter. Check to ensure the battery is properly grounded, and ensure the battery cables don't have any corrosion on the ends or at the starter relay and starter. Ensure the starter is properly grounded, meaning it is bolted in tight and that the starter mount bolts are not loose. If you use a jumper wire directly from the battery, (using a cable the same size as the battery cable) to the starter and bypassing the relay, does it still turn over slow? You stated you replaced the battery and starter, was the starter used or new? It almost sounds like a bad starter relay, but need a few more questions first. Is the starter cable or relay getting hot or warm when you are trying to turn over the unit? ? Matt
  7. as for the slow cranking, did you make sure the ground is good from the battery to chassis, and from the chassis to the engine? it needs to have a good ground in order for the power from the battery to do its job with the starter. Otherwise you will have an amp issue. Again, I am assuming everything was okay because you stated it ran before you cleaned it. Take out the spark plug and try to crank it over, see how easy it turns over.
  8. it might have a code like this: 0562 = System Voltage Low 0563 = System Voltage High 0650 = MIL Circuit Malfunction
  9. Check the fault codes, to see them do this: When fault comes up, the odometer's clock will turn into a number . find out the cause with this number; press clock button, then it will turn back to clock mode, and five second later the fault code will show again.
  10. Do you have a copy of the factory service manual? if not I can get it to you. I would also inspect the fuses next to the battery. Make sure there is no blown fuse. Also make sure the battery is at full charge.
  11. Contact me, I have the service manual I can give you 562-682-7859 Matt
  12. Is the seatbelt plugged in? It has a limiter if not connected
  13. I'll look tomorrow at the one I have here to verify. It's a carburator version as well

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