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  1. Great to hear, glad you're able to enjoy it now.
  2. trying to get a copy of the T boss manual, should have it soon. If not, call motorcycle doctor and ask for Craig. tell him i sent you and he will give you a great price on it.
  3. I would be glad to donate toward your choice place for a downloadable copy of a Massimo Buck 400 service manual.

    Newbie to Massimo 400

    Mackc  email:  [email protected]

  4. I have to admit I fully understand and know of the experiences first hand, you are right. That's why I took it upon myself to help those out there who have questions or need some service advice. The dealer network is very poor. Hisun, massimo and Bennche all are connected and they don't have the same dealer support as the larger Japanese or others out there. Their model is to just sell as much as possible, and not worry to much about service and parts. They don't have the same "race on sunday and sell on monday" as the other main manufactures. They Don't have a budget for things like racing or advertising. Their sales continue to rise every year regardless of how they treat the dealer network. One of the reasons for poor performance with the dealer support is that they don't have a lot of dealers currently to match the others out there. That means when you need a part or service its not easy to find a local dealership. Also, the aftermarket is cautious to jump on board and support those vehicles unless the manufacture helps them. This manufacture does not understand that relationship and thus it lacks in this area. They dont understand why they need to support the aftermarket, when all they want to do is sell product. As far as quality goes, they are okay. They have teething issues just like everyone else does. The dealers don't want to fix them because they just dont know much about them and they want the easy fix to continue to make money. When you have a dealer or mechanic that looks at them and instantly thinks to them selves that its a piece of @#$%, then they have already got it in their mind that they dont want to work on it, when its easier to repair than most larger company UTVs out there. Theres also the problem with ordering parts, as they are located in central U.S. only. and it takes time to ship parts out to them, there is no local warehouse like some other manufactures have available. Folks like tractor supply hate working on them, their policies are really aimed at just selling them, and when they break down, its a pain for them to work on them. Any good mechanic can pretty much do any repair on these units, remember it takes fuel, compression and spark to make something run. When tractor supply tries to get warranty done with the manufacture it takes longer than they would like, and that cost money. Yes its not a perfect system for the Chinese UTV market, but they are not the complete problem, some of the blame does rest on some dealerships out there who just dont want to work on them. So it gets a bad rap for sure. For me, its been up and down, but my customers have continued to call upon me for assistance and help and I will continue to provide that to them at no charge. I am retired and I do have a small dealership just to keep busy. I enjoy the conversations I have with my customers and continually look for answers to their questions, even when I don't know it. I try to walk them through the problem and even provide an alternative part when I can. I am sorry you have had such a bad feeling from these UTVs, they can be a ton of fun for the money, as long as you walk into it understanding that it might have a problem that you will have to address some time. I have never owned a vehicle that didnt need to go to the dealership once in its life. For what you get, they are still a great bargain, and I would still continue to recommend them to others while advising them of the problems ahead of time. I am open and want my folks to be happy. I tell them the good and bad before they buy any of these products, knowing they will not buy from me as they are mostly out of state, so why not be honest and let them know up front.
  5. I just got off the phone with Hisun. So, the MSU 700 is a mix of parts from the Yamaha parts bin. They are using a Rhino 660 cylinder head and it has 5 valves instead of the Yamahas 4 valve head on the Rhino 700. They had to use a mix of yamaha parts to keep Yamaha happy. This way they can say they didnt copy their engine. There is no real way to know if the kit will work. If you are looking for additional power, I would perhaps get a Rhino 660 performance cam, port your head and have a good exhaust system. The fastest way to power is how fast you can get the air and fuel through the engine, per the cylinder head. This will do more for you than any big bore kit. Porting alone will increase your power. Porting can be done by almost anyone who you trust in your area. The cams are available online almost everywhere as well. This is just my 2cents. Another way is to program your ECU for additional fuel curve. They have their own bore size. engine size: 686cc bore and stroke:102×84.0mm compression ratio: 9.2:1
  6. In order to keep Yamaha happy, Hisun had to change the design by 5%. The clutch can use a Yamaha replacement or any aftermarket clutch that will fit the rhino 700 as well. As for the cylinder head and cylinder it is slightly different. Not sure if the aftermarket kit will work. what does the kit come with? Is it just a larger piston and you bore out your cylinder? or does it come with more parts.
  7. We have a trailer hitch available soon. warriorsoffroad.com Matt
  8. If you need anymore information regarding your hisun check us out at warriorsoffroad.com
  9. Check this out, It might just be what you are looking for..... https://www.tinytach.com/fuel-injection-tools Matt
  10. I have the factory service manual available for the Buck 400. Just send me a message with your email and I'll get it to you. Although there is no charge for this, it would be great if you would visit my website where you could donate any amount to help do things like this with others who need it. Again, there is no charge for this manual, and no obligation to donate. But if you did, I would thank you for sure. Have fun on the trails. www.warriorsoffroad.com Matt
  11. Send me your email and I will send you the service manual.
  12. Send me your email in a private message
  13. yes my name is glen  i have a  hs 550 utv that pops 10 amp fuse for start runs 4ways signal lites speed sensor   4wd and locking diff  periodcally dont no till u go to start  because all stuff is ignition run any ideas  ready to burn

  14. I just had so many folks contact me about parts and advice that I felt I needed to be there in some way to help those out there with limited resources. I'll do my best to keep it going for a while.

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