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  1. strike250

    Hisun 250 - Brake Locked up

    You can get a rebuild kit at your local Yamaha dealer, or Amazon or eBay.
  2. strike250

    Hisun 250 - Brake Locked up

    As for the pistons in the brake caliper, they are held in place by O'rings. If you are having problems with the brake caliper being locked up, it sounds like maybe you have contaminated fluid, causing it to crystallize and seize the caliper in place. You should be able to use compressed air on the banjo fitting side of the caliper to force the piston out. If not, then you can soak it overnight in wd40 type of fluid to try to penetrate the back side of the piston and help release it. If not, I would just purchase a new caliper. These calipers are the same as Yamaha Banshee or Yamaha Raptor 600. You can find a bunch on ebay. The piston does not screw in, it should simply press in and out. Remember to use quality brake fluid, DOT 3 or 4 is fine as it again sounds like the fluid has water or something else that caused contamination. The brake pads used are: Front brake pads: EBC FA54 Rear brake pads: EBC FA83
  3. strike250

    Hisun 250 - Brake Locked up

    More than likely just a belt, but inspect it first. You might have gotten lucky. As for the breaks, look at a Yamaha banshee or raptor, same exact brake caliper. Yamahas manuals are much better on rebuilding brake caliper than HiSUN. The brake pads from EBC are listed in the parts interchange list in the download section of my website. Do not go off EBCs website, they have the incorrect parts numbers. The correct ones are listed on my site. Hope this helps
  4. strike250

    Massimo no start

    Call me if you have questions or problems. Numbers on my website warriorsoffroad.com
  5. Hisun motors is also the manufacture of many parts for Yamaha and other big name brand UTV and ATV manufactures. Keep in mind that Polaris RZR170 is also a chinese built UTV. If you've driving any other large brand name ATV or UTV, you have most likely had a vehicle with Hisun parts in the engine or elsewhere. They just started to make their own footprint in the billion dollar UTV market. They have been around now for over 5 years and with sales increasing more and more every year, the dealer base growing slowly but surly, they will be around for a while yet. Hisun and Bennche and Massimo and Coleman and so forth are going through internal growing pains. They all want to be the top dog, and word is that Bennche and Massimo are going to split away from Hisun soon. So their models might change. The reason you see the Hisun brand looking so much like Yamaha and Polaris is due to the fact that they actually manufacture the OEM parts for them at Hisun in China. Thats why they are called Yamaha clones at times, or Polaris knock offs. Currently Hisun makes all the brands for themselves, Bennche, Massimo, Coleman and more all just re-brand the Hisun product. Kinda of like Chevy and GMC, just a couple of different things but the same vehicle and different name. Sometimes the two companies fight internally against each other. Most of the parts in these UTV's are crossed referenced with Yamaha or another big name brand.
  6. strike250

    Glowing exhaust 2012 Hisun 400cc

    check to make sure the exhaust is not plugged up.
  7. strike250

    Massimo no start

    check with motorcycle doctor, better pricing and keeps lots in stock.
  8. strike250

    hisun sector 550

    For what you are doing it should be just fine. Remember the manufacture is the same one who makes parts for Yamaha and Polaris, its just the nuts and bolts that are not the best. The engines are pretty much bullet proof. The things that go bad are things like weak clutch when pulling heavy loads, bad coil every once and a while. Other than that, you should really be fine with messing around and driving it on country roads and home farm use.
  9. strike250

    2014 HS800 Hisun

    It sounds like the muffler might be plugged up, I would see if you can take out the packing and check it. There is no reason that muffler should get that hot, unless its preventing the exhaust flow from getting out, creating back pressure.
  10. strike250

    hisun 800 intake backfire/no start

    dumb question, but did you check to see if the seat belt is connected, they started installing ECU safety lock out and it puts the vehicle in limp mode until the seat belt is connected . Please check this first
  11. strike250

    2015 Massimo 1000 dying and not starting

    To check out the fuel pump, it should prime for about 3 seconds after start up, you should hear it. I would check for a pinched fuel tank vent hose, as this could cause a huge pressure lock inside the tank. Next I would suspect it might be electrical in nature. I doubt any fuel injector problem as that is pretty rare. Some of the things that cause this issue would be a faulty coil, or bad pick up coil sensor. It takes fuel, spark and compression to fire an engine. Normally a stalling issue or no start, to me it sounds like electrical, but check the fuel pump first. You can open up the fuel cap and when you put the UTV ignition switch on and not start, you should hear the fuel pump whine for a few seconds then shut off. If you dont hear the wine, I would think the pump is bad. If you hear the wine everytime, then chase the electrical system.
  12. strike250

    Strike or Sector 250 wheels and tire options

    Keep inind when you change your wheels to larger/taller ones, you effectively change the gear ratio. It might be quicker, but you'll loose top end. Also it takes more torque to turn larger tires, and these little ones don't have very much torque to begin with. The factory HP ratings are only around 10-12 HP from the factory.
  13. strike250

    Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    Hello, I would send in your ECU to me, let me flash it and also if your rear sprocket is a stock 42 tooth, I would go to 38-36 rear sprocket. The lower the rear tooth count will provide you with the higher top speed, the lower rear tooth count will give you quicker off the line.
  14. strike250

    Strike 250 wheels and sand paddles

    Hello Brad, Yes, the Strike 250 stock is a little underpowered. Do you happen to have one of the newer models? The reason I ask is because on my website we are able to unlock your ECU with the factory software, this allows you an additional 2000 RPM! As well as a higher top end speed. This will help you with the sand dunes as well. As for the wheel specs, they are 4 x 156 on the front, and 4 x 115 on the rear. Check any Yamaha banshee or raptor site for wheels, as either will fit just fine. Check out www.warriorsoffroad.com for a bunch of additional info for your Strike 250 Matt
  15. strike250

    250cc performance exhaust

    for those of you who havent been to our site yet, here is a look at our performance exhaust system. Made in house, certified for spark arrester, and db rated at below 94db. Legal for any race track, trail or off road park. Great sound without sounding like an open pipe as with some others out there. True bolt on kit.