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  1. Just wanted to tell you I don't mind paying for the shipping or the part. If you've got paypal maybe I can just send you the money for it. Thanks

  2. call me if you need more info. my number is on my website
  3. If you get push back from the dealer, I would contact hisun directly in Texas. 972-446-0765 and push #8 on the menu. it will take you directly to the service warranty section.
  4. according to the factory owners manual, you are required to perform an oil change at 50 miles. and the next service is not due until 250 miles. But none of these have any bearing to a faulty cam chain tensioner. I think the dealer is the one pushing back not hisun. Hisun has never asked me for customers service records. Even though they can, it is very rare. The dealer is the one asking. In the owners manual it states: As the vehicle owner, you are responsible for the performance of the required maintenance listed in your owner’s manual. HISUN recommends that you retain all receipts covering m
  5. Officially you can do your own maintenance on the vehicle as long as you kept the oil and filter receipts, that constitutes a service. But with your mileage have you done any oil change yet?
  6. The only maintenance you would really have done is an oil change and that will have no bearing on the timing chain tensioner. How many miles or hours are on it?
  7. Good afternoon,  Do you by chance still have a massimo buck 410 service manual.  I am looking for one.   Thank you kindly.   [email protected]  

    1. strike250


      We have put the service manual in the download section of this site


  8. what model is it. This can be a few things, of course the three most basic things are spark, fuel and compression. Its pretty easy to check for spark, and fuel test is also easy to test. You only need to use a compression tester for motorcycles/atv as they have the smaller adapter needed for some of the small openings in the cylinder head. But on a guess it should be putting out in the very high 165 or more.
  9. give me a call, lets see if we cant get it back running. matt at warriorsoffroad.com
  10. View File Hisun HS 500-700 Service Manual Here is a copy of the factory service manual for the Hisun HS500-700 Submitter strike250 Submitted 01/04/2021 Category Hisun  
  11. View File Hisun HS 550-750 Service Manual This manual is for the Hisun HS550-750 Submitter strike250 Submitted 01/04/2021 Category Hisun  
  12. View File 2018-20 Hisun Strike 1000 Service Manual This is the factory Hisun Strike 1000 service manual Submitter strike250 Submitted 01/04/2021 Category Hisun  
  13. View File 2018-20 Hisun Sector 250 Service Manual This service manual is for the Hisun Sector 250 Submitter strike250 Submitted 01/04/2021 Category Hisun  
  14. very different. I will check my files again today for you
  15. 14 downloads

    This service manual is for the Hisun Sector 250

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