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  1. Liv4upoutdoors


  2. Check on youtube. There are quite a few. Good luck.
  3. We use Onx maps. However we only use our utv in a limited area around camp. There is no wifi we preload the map and use it off our phone or ipad.
  4. Good afternoon,  Do you by chance still have a massimo buck 410 service manual.  I am looking for one.   Thank you kindly.   [email protected]  

    1. strike250


      We have put the service manual in the download section of this site


  5. Windows and materials are wrinkled alittle bit do to shipping and it being 20 degrees. Will lay out better once it warms up.
  6. I just got an enclosure today from Vista Quad Gear on Amazon. I'm sharing this info because I was surprised at the quality of it and the price. It came a week early. I put it on today. Its not perfect. I need to extend the bottom of the door toward the front step but other then that I'm extremely happy with. Front by the windshield is about 2 inchs short but w/ velcro no problem. I priced building a cover/enclosure myself. For this delivered price its well worth it. If your looking for an enclosure for a 410 t boss this is it. Comes in camo or black. Will try and attach picture
  7. I found a piece of rubber hose on exhaust pipe. Its fixed now.
  8. I just bought a 2019 MSU 400 w/ 700 miles. I got it home yesterday and noticed a faint rubber burning smell. I can't track it down. I'm on dirt so its not tires and pavement. Parking brake is off. Temp on the machine appears fine. Thx for any suggestions I thought maybe belt but I'm not racing nor going but a mile or two.

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