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  1. Is a Hisun 250 suitable for an adult?

    My first impression are that the quality is good, not great. I have had the machine up on two ATV trips to Northern Wisconsin and honestly had to go over the machine to get things right. The squeaks and rattles drove me nuts and required me to tear parts of the machine apart to figure them out. If you are not very handy, go with the Polaris unit. I ended up not leaving the machine at camp and decide to bring it back home to do more work on it to get everything right. My dealer is no help, so I have to do the work myself. If you do get one, these forums will help you get the machine right.
  2. Is a Hisun 250 suitable for an adult?

    The HiSun Strike 250 is really a kids machine, not ideal for an adult. I just bought a 2017 for the kids and I am 5'11" and weigh 175 and I barely fit into the machine. The new machines are also speed limited to 30mph, so it could get rather boring quickly. I would not recommend it. Polaris RZR 570 would be my recommendation, a bit wider, but great entry level UTV for adults.
  3. Guys, I need some expert help.. I just bought a 2017 HiSUN Strike 250 and was real disappointed to find out that there is an electronic spark cut out at 30 mph. Every article that I read prior to purchase said that the unit could hit 45-50 mph with the pedal stop screw removed. Not the case with my machine. Never bothered to ask the dealer before purchase, so it is my fault... My guess is that HiSun got some flack about thier "kids" machine doing 50 mph and were forced to add the electronic limiter.. Can anyone verify that previous to the 2017 model that the machine can actually could do 45-50mph with the just pedal screw removed? If so, what RPM is it at when doing 45-50 mph. Maybe I can get an older version of the Delphi ECU, assuming that is where the spark cut out is located...? The machine is definitly full featured, but as you all mention, needs to be gone over after purchase. A-men to stipped screws, and if you suffer from a crazy squeak sound that sounds like chains dragging, check the torque on the suspension a-arms and shocks. Ours were so tight, we could barley get them loose and the suspension would not move, essentially zero travel. Once we lightened up the torque, greased the plastic bushings, and added blue threadlocker, the suspension actually worked and all the squeaks went away. Also have same problem with the shift linkage rubbing on pipe and also pipe rubbing on chassis.. This weeks project! Any help on the speed would be awesome!