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Is a Hisun 250 suitable for an adult?


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I am brand new to UTVing and never owned one before.  As a starter, I'm thinking of buying a Hisun 250 for several reasons.  First, it will exist in my existing cargo trailer and also in my garage.  Secondly, I'm contemplating just light trail riding on narrow trails so the 250's width would be ideal.

I'm only 5'7" but weigh nearly 200lbs (no diet advice please 1f644.png) so I'm wondering how a 250 would do both for fit and for power.  It seems almost everyone who discusses a 250 does in the context of kids.

Also,any thoughts of whether a Hisun Scout 250 is any better than a Strike?  As I said, I'm not planning on pushing the unit --just want to get out into the woods and desert.

Thanks a heap

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The HiSun Strike 250 is really a kids machine, not ideal for an adult.  I just bought a 2017 for the kids and I am 5'11" and weigh 175 and I barely fit into the machine.  The new machines are also speed limited to 30mph, so it could get rather boring quickly.  I would not recommend it.

Polaris RZR 570 would be my recommendation, a bit wider, but great entry level UTV for adults.

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My first impression are that the quality is good, not great.  I have had the machine up on two ATV trips to Northern Wisconsin and honestly had to go over the machine to get things right.  The squeaks and rattles drove me nuts and required me to tear parts of  the machine apart to figure them out.  If you are not very handy, go with the Polaris unit.  

I ended up not leaving the machine at camp and decide to bring it back home to do more work on it to get everything right.  My dealer is no help, so I have to do the work myself.

If you do get one, these forums will help you get the machine right.

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I think a lot of Chinese manufacturers would give you a free UTV if you endorsed their product as "good not great".  From what I've heard CFMOTO and Hisun make pretty decent machines.  The others have lots of complaints.  Even at that dealership support, as you mentioned, seems to be lacking for all Chinese UTV's.  I imagine that in a few years, they will establish a better foothold in the U.S., but so far they have not.

Also,  your kid looks like a Fun Kid to go with his Fun Dad!

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the Hisun Forum and was perusing when I saw this post.  My son and I bought UTVs at the same time. He bought a 2016 Polaris General or something like that.  It was in the shop broken down constantly and he paid about $20,000 for it.  Finally disillusioned he sold it when it was finally running again.

Being retired and having less money than my son to spend on toys I bought a 2016 Hisun Sector 750.  I paid $9000 for it and it had a five year drive-train warranty.  My Sector had the same accessories his did and came with a roof, 2-part windshield, winch, etc.  I now have over 600 miles on the Sector with virtually no breakdown or rattles. 

Sometimes I think it's the luck of the draw as I realize Polaris produces a good product. I previously had and rode the same 2004 Polaris ATV for 13 years.  Anyway, my experience with Hisun has so far been very positive.   One thing I've noticed is how well the dealer assembles the UTV after shipment. If they don't do a good job you end up with rattles, squeaks and broken parts.



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Yes welcome. As with any off road product, it really depends on how it was assembled from the get go. I am not hear to bash any dealer what so ever, but no matter what you buy, you can always find someone who has had nothing but problems and others who have never had one issue. I am glad you are having fun, thats what its all about.

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Good afternoon all.....

With regards to the question, is a Hisun 250 suitable for an adult?.... I purchased the Hisun Sector 250 for several reasons. I am 6ft., 200 lbs and I can get in and out very easy ( 65 yrs old)

1.) For my grandsons first side by side vehicle with a steering wheel ( he is almost 11 yrs. old)

2.) I like the bench seat, with slide thru capabilities ...no obstructions getting in or out either side. I have a small farm and like to be able to get in and out either side when working on fence lines.

3.) I liked the simple dashboard layout... Very user friendly.

4.) Powerful  enough for two passengers plus supplies/ tools in the back.

5.) The most important feature is the size!.... 4 ft. x 8ft. .....takes up very little space in the barn.

........we really like it so far

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Yes, we enjoy our Hisun 250 as well. When we go camping, there are a lot of others that go with us, and what we do is put the Hisun out by the other off road vehicles and when anyone in our camp want to ride, it is like community UTV's. It's great as everyone can ride this fun UTV. Parents get to ride alone with their young ones, and the young kids growing up get a chance to ride in something that looks like the big people get to use. Most of the time it is simply riding around the camp grounds all day, (hard to get used to them just going in circles lol) But everyone has fun. They ride it until it runs out of fuel lol. None of the kids or adults want to get out once they get a ride in it. The folks like the ease to use the UTV, automatic and doesnt go to fast. The kids love it because they think it goes fast lol. This way no one feels left out of the fun when maybe they didnt bring any off road vehicles to use, or there's broke down. You really can't go wrong for the money.

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