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  1. Sorry Charlie....the muffler topic is under " general discussion" john ps:. Let me know if you can view / hear the two attached videos
  2. Has anyone tried to open the two videos posted? I've tried to open both....but I just get a blank screen thanks John
  3. Hi Hawgman a question ..if you don't mind where did you buy a NOS sector 250?.... And what did it cost, if you don't mind telling thanks John
  4. Hi Charlie.....the info about the Walker muffler is in the "Hisun discussion" area. ...and yes it us much quieter i have attached two videos showing / hearing the dufference. I'm ver happy with the change . regarding the Vector name....I hope I didn't get an NOS unit... The certificate states it is a 12-12-2017...but I don't know if that is when they pulled it from their inventory...?? John
  5. ..... Also, ..just replaced the stock muffler with a new Walker " quiet-flow".....now it is very quiet i added pictures and sound videos on another post here
  6. We just received the certificate from Hisun....it states it is a 2017
  7. Here are two short videos....first is with stock exhaust....the second us with new exhaust. i had my wife record from the same place both times to get an accurate noise level...I'm was shocked/ impressed let me know what you think. well I tried to load videos.....both times failed! ill reply to your email Video 1.MOV Video 2.MOV john
  8. Hey all....all done. The new exhausts 100% better....much quieter!! Attached are some before and after pictures. I used a new Walker, Quier-Flow muffler....catalog says its for a 1983 Toyota. It is 6" round..body is 10" long, it has 1-1/2" inlet/ outlet/ offset pipes....I made/ fabricated/ welded the hanger on the muffler. ....and of course bent a pipe to adapt from the existing exhaust.
  9. Hello all... i removed the exhaust pipe from my Hisun Sector 250. I Installed a 6" round, Walker ( Quiet Flow ) muffler. The OAL was 14". The body is 10" long, with 1-1/2" inlet and outlet pipe diameter. This modification made a very big difference.....much quieter!!! ( I had to make a special tool to remove the 4 springs that hold the 2 pipes together) i do have one question.....why does Hisun use a double wall exhaust pipe. The inner pipe is 1-1/8".... The outer pipe is 1-1/2".... Is this to protect the inner pipe?. reduce heat?..etc???.... And how did they bend both pipes at the same time.....one inside the other??? I'll include pictures with new pipe and muffler tomorrow. John
  10. Thanks Rich.... I have a couple of brand new Harley mufflers I took off an Electraglide. Start there or go straight for the Car muffler? John
  11. Hi silverbullet... Thanks for the info. When you say "install a muffler behind the motor", do you mean to remove the existing muffler that came on the unit, then install a car muffler?.... Or do you mean to install car muffler after the existing muffler? i have a Hisun, Sector 250... Just an FYI Orebonder
  12. I'm sure this is an old topic, but, after doing some research it looks like atv/ UTV riders having been trying to make their rides a little quieter. I've read discussion boards going back 10-15 years of those trying to make their sport ride quieter....but never see a real good answer. I've seen a few suppliers of " Silencers"....but they just lower the tone or reduce sound a few db's. Why haven't the OEM builders designed exhausts systems that are truly quiet from the factory?
  13. Vent?... On my Hisun vector 250, I get an air pressure release when I open my gas tank fill cap...is that normal?
  14. Attn: Strike 250.... The adapter sleeve that you see on the exhaust tip is for future testing for exhaust silencer. .....any luck yet?