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Shortening the turning radius on a Hisun Vector 250


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Good evening all...

Question?...... Has anyone tried shortening the turning radius on a Hisin? I have the Hisun Vector 250... Which is a blast and perfect for what I need and want. The only thing I would change, now,..is to make the turning radius shorter...mine is about 17 ft. I would think a UTV, side x side would be much tighter.

any thoughts?


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There are a few mechanical issues to address when thinking about changing turning radius. The ability of the OEM steering box/rack. The length of the OEM tie rods, the steering stops built into the OEM spindles. All of this has to be addressed when trying to change the turning radius. You can adjust the steering stops on the spindles, but if the OEM steering box will not allow more movement in the gearing, then there is nothing you can do to get a tighter turning circle. You might try to go with an aftermarket steering rack. You will need to measure the distance from tie rod outer end to the other outer end to try to get one with the same distance in order to have a correct toe in measurement. Making sure the steering shaft will also bolt to the new steering rack as well. Or you will have to cut and weld to make things work. It can be done, but will take some thought.

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