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  2. Hi Nativespud. What kind of heater did you install on your Sector? I installed a generic hot rod heater from Summit Racing for $150.00 and it works very well. It even defrosts the windshield and door windows without tubes being routed to the windshield. By running the coolant through the radiator as well as the heater core it keeps the engine running cooler than normal. It easily warms my cab, but would do a better job if I put a shut-off valve in front of the radiator. That would allow the motor to heat up a little more. I think running only the heater core helps cool the engine a lot as well so there should be no concerns about the engine overheating and causing problems. Thanks for the reply... Charlie
  3. Hmm, good videos and both work John. I'm sure to try the same thing as the Walker muffler seems much more quiet to me. Did you seem to lose any performance or other side effects? You stated, "....and of course bent a pipe to adapt from the existing exhaust." How did you bend a piece of tailpipe, at the muffler shop??
  4. Hmm, I'm sorry to hear such bad stories. I have had just the opposite experience in that mine has operated perfectly without a single problem. I have over a thousand miles on it now and running strong. On top of that I'm extremely impressed with it's off-road performance. I have used mine for heavy duty snowplowing, weed spraying, fence building, hauling hay, and for recreation. In addition, I have a pretty good dealer to go to. Hope you fellas get things turned around, and good luck...
  5. I wonder what the deal is on the "Vector" name?? I got that info right off of the Hisun website, but maybe they changed the name of Sector to Vector; just the opposite of what I thought I read? Anyway, I apologize for the mis-information John. Which post has the info about the Walker Quiet-Flow?? Is it more quiet in the cab and where did you get it? Charlie
  6. I don't know what to say about the Vector possibly being new/old stock?? I would certainly find out from Rural King what the deal is. I think you should pay less if it is NOS... Charlie
  7. Do you always remember to release the emergency brake? I forget to press on the brake pedal to release the e-brake sometimes, and then they squeal. That is about the only thing I don't like about my 750 Sector is the e-brake system doesn't hold all that well and it's inconvenient. I wish it just had a park position and separate e-brake system...
  8. I think they changed the name from "Vector" in 2015 to "Sector?" They are still the very same machine. Go back to Rural King, or just call them, and they will tell you what the deal is with the dipstick...
  9. Nice changes, and in my opinion makes the rig better looking. The video will be helpful to those looking to make changes to their machines. Thanks...
  10. Your video says "Homemade Mounting Kit," what does that pertain to? Mounting kit for the snow tracks? Good video and nice machine...
  11. Never know when you might end up messin' with sasquatch... 😉
  12. I installed a Maradyne Mm-a1090002 cab-heater in my Hisun. It was a fairly simple install with the most difficult part being to find the proper location for the heater body. It has to be located so that the heater hose, etc is not blocked by OEM air filters, body frame, etc. On my 750 Sector I determined that by centering the heater body a few inches directly below the gauge cluster worked perfectly. The 5/8" heater hose comes out just to the right of the air filter tube. Since the firewall is plastic, I placed a large piece of stainless steel on the outside of the firewall for a backing plate. I drilled a couple of 1" holes in the plastic firewall for my 5/8" heater hose and spliced them into the upper and lower radiator hoses. I spliced the upper heater hose into the upper radiator hose and the lower heater hose into the lower radiator hose. No shutoffs, since I figured I could easily install them later if I need them. I bought 8 ft of 5/8 heater hose and 8 - 1" hose clamps at the auto parts store. Then I bought 2 pex tubing tees 1" X 3/4" X 1" at the hardware store to splice into the upper/lower 1" radiator hoses. The electrical is easy by running the black ground wire and red hot wire to the power supply (cigarette lighter) in the center dashboard. By removing the power supply you won't have to drill large holes in the dash and you have the correct wiring needed to wire the heater switch. I installed another power supply below the front of the bench seat in the middle. I did that because it's easy for the driver to access and it was near the battery box for an easy installation. After I refilled the radiator overflow with anti-freeze, I pulled the Hisun's front wheels up on my trailer with the back wheels on the ground. I did that so the radiator and overflow bottle were higher than the rest of the cooling system and any trapped air bubbles in the heater core would head for the overflow. If that doesn't work, let it idle with the upper radiator hose clamped shut (needle nose vise grips) directing all the coolant towards the heater core to speed things up. Remove the vise grips when the radiator fan turns on and then put them back on when it shuts off two or three times. I have about $175 invested for parts and heater for the project, and my heat laser reads 190 degrees when the heater is on.
  13. Good fix and explanation. My Hisun Sector 750 overflows if I fill the gas tank too much. I was thinking of putting a dirt bike, two-way air valve on my gas tank overflow tube. That way it would ventilate the gas tank, but does not let fuel flow out.
  14. What's the year of manufacture for your 550 Sector. I have a 2016 Sector 750 with well over 600 miles. So far no breakdowns, but hearing this makes me damn nervous about the future...

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