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  2. Yay Black Friday ...Started my 550'sector today about 150 to 200 miles sense second yoke broke . and here we go again. The 3rd yoke snapped same place only this time shattered motor case.. What a joke!!!!! Let's see what hisun will say this time..
  3. It is a 2015 first year blues I guess....so far so good on this repair . the boys at Yocum motor sports did a good job and repaired things that Wallace tractor did wrong.
  4. This is a bad situation all around. Hope this is the final shaft that is needed. As guarantee by Hi sun vp.. He promised the world,but still hasn't delivered.. We have it back for a few weeks now and a100 plus miles. Not broken yet . It feels like it does just before it breaks. If it breaks again . I am just calling a lawyer. Had more than enough.
  5. broken yoke ..well couldn't wait for 8 to 10 more days for there delivery . Very disappointed with Hisun in the customer service department. Machine is home with 6 month extended warranty . Not satisfied with machine and service.. I would like to say a special than you to Josh Yocume and Avery . Very professional dealer . Sorry for the problems with your Hisun supplier. Definitely looking for a new machine( if I CAN EVER FIND A DEALER THAT WILL TRADE A HISUN )
  6. HI Travis . I wrote comments just before leaving for work..And yes it is past frustrated, Have to take higher dose of blood pressure Meds. This is why my wife stepped in to help and be politically correct. I start loosing that ability at this point of a company pushing the costume around. The worst thing is when senior VP's of a company lie directly to the customer. Even when I get it back what good is a extended warranty if it breaks every 120 miles, and has to sit at dealer for 6 weeks + . To answer question about yoke it splits along casting. They admit there is a problem. But do they repair this the correct way , no the easy way for them.........
  7. 6/28/2017 well let's see yoke finally arrived at dealer. In the time that has passed, my wife looked up the management from Hisun on a professional website and sent them emails,LOL . THEY REFERED HER TO CUSTOMER SERVICE.THE SAME PEOPLE WE WERE DEALING WITH AND SAID THE WOULD HELP. That never happened. 3 days later she proceeded to call customer ,WHILE BEING PLACED ON HOLD FOR 1 1/2 hr. After first 3 secretary and support staff. Than arriving at V.P. Of marketing/ ?/? . He spoke to her for 20 minutes ,promised her the world if they could fix it instead of a refund or new machine. This took a 3hr 10 min phone call and a second line to Hisun talking to people in between while on hold. Than proceeded to also call on house phone while she was placed on hold on the second line..His Responce . (Give me a chance to make it right.!!!! I don't understand why my employs can't figure this out. You need shaft in motor and new up graded yoke. I will fix this and deliver machine to your home. And guarantee that entire machine is gone over!!!!!). This is what happened so far . Next day never contacted my wife until sh emailed him again. Then he replied with a overnight tracking #.. Part arrived next day . In the mean time I call dealer (not telling him all that went on ) Asked him if we got part ,he replied yes finally here and it is the right yoke. Then I proceed to ask if he got new shaft upgraded shaft . His replies no it's the old stile that would fit your early serial # machine. THE SAME FN YOKE THAT BROKE each time in 120 miles... My wife called manager back and asked for an explanation. His tone changed and said . I AM NOT GOING TO DISCUSSES THIS WITH YOU FOR A SECOND NIGHT FOR A HOUR AND A HALF. SHERRY. NICE response Hisun.. Than she asked about delivery . Lol they put it on ubid.. 8 to 10 days for delivery. What a shit head . NO REASONABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE HERE !!!!!!
  8. Easier said than done. Best part is I use it for work ,It's not just a missing toy !!!!!
  9. Alright,talked to Hisun ...they don't have any idea where there is a yoke for machine. They have emailed factory with picture and measurements.IF the factory in China can come up with one . It will be 2 weeks in shipping. At this point in time I have lost faith in . HISUN . Bought machine in sept 2015 machines decals were pealing ,dealer said no problem, never seen new decals. Nov 28 2015 first yoke broke. Got machine back from dealer on February 8 2016 got machine back. Dealer cracked back plastic cover ,wouldn't replace it.. While waitin on yoke they were to fix dry rotted belt air vent, right rear cv boots rotted , and missing grease fittings.I guess the electrical tape on vent was a fix lol. Also winch broke and I fixed grounds . This was all in first 113 miles,Then dealer went out of business. On 12/2/2016 while hunting,I was traveling on dirt rd at 40+ mph right front control arm fell off machine ,wheel and tire assembly Jamed up under machine for one hell of a ride. I repaired it couldn't find dealer willing to work on it... At this point it is 5/3/2017 second yoke (same one) broke. Called dealer in Ny. They didn't want to work on it,so I called Hisun and the put me in touch with Tom King who got Yocum Motorsports In Milton pa. 2 1/2 hrs away to work on it .....still there....tried to up grade and get anew sxs 3 dealers won't trade this . AT THIS POINT VERY DISAPPOINTED AND DISCUSSTED WITH HISUN AND COSTOMER SERVICE . NICE WAY TO PISSAWAY 9000.00 and make PAYMENTS ON SOMTHING YOU CANT USE. DONT BUY HISUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks Travis ...I think it is time Hisun stepped up and made me complete and gave me another sxs or a refund . I am losing a entire work season here. And still making payment on a tool I don't have.
  11. Need help !! 550 sector front yoke on rear shaft broke 2nd time in 19 months only 250 miles...sat at dealer 6+ weeks first time for parts...over 6 weeks now again. ...factory can't seem to figure out what yoke it uses on it . GETTING REALLY FRUSTRATED!!!!!! Over 12weeks in shop for the first 19months of ownership WTF

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