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  1. Hey we can always use info like this!
  2. Well that's good... I don't have one anymore but I still try to help if I can..
  3. Yeah you need an ignition. Should have power while cranking also.. switch bad.
  4. 1 is constant power. 2 is starter solenoid 3 is power to computer I believe. Turns fan and fuel pump on. 4 i don't know. Not sure what colors are which but almost any ignition should work. Get a test light. Hook alligator clip to good ground. Then test from there. I don't have one here or I could tell you what colors...
  5. Looks like your inner bearing race is still on old axle.. gotta get it off put on new axle.. thats why it not fitting in wheel hub on front. Unless im missing something.
  6. Only be able to rebuild if you find a used one off someone here that has good parts to fix it... And just depends on skill level and what is broken...
  7. I doubt it..... probably just gonna have to order an axle..
  8. Yeah I'm not sure... I did not check all 3 cylinders. I will when i get back to that project...
  9. did a quick and dirty compression test and it seemed to be okay but I think it's low I think it was around 1:20 I think that I'm going to do a leak down test but I might just pull the valve cover because it sounds like the one cylinder is making noise in the valve train. Also the cat came apart and made a very nice plug for the exhaust not to breathe. So although it runs better and Breeze better still number 2 is a issue
  10. So anyways I'll for sure tomorrow... Look what I found...
  11. I'm not sure if firing order is correct..
  12. Plugs are new... I'm going to do compression and leak down on it in next couple days...
  13. Well it has spark and gas getting to it but you pull plug wire and it barely changes...
  14. Hi guys! Well I'm working on a Renagade 4 with the 800 chery.. Does anyone have pictures of the coil wiring? I need to make sure this stuff is correct.... it's missing on no.2 cylinder.. Just want to check wiring cause it looks like it is stretched to fit where it is.... Thank you!
  15. There's no way I would do that with the rears built cheaply like they are.... Figure this it only does 65mph.. at max.. I would want to run over that with it.. None of the axle shafts are balanced or tight that's gonna play hell on everything in the driveline! Dont forget you will be turning everything complete with driveshaft to front rear.... All in all I say no way would I ever...